A Good Anime/Manga review sites?

anyone knows a good site for anime/manga? am kinda want to search for a new anime/manga series and movies
and mb also post an awesome movies suggestions would be cool too :P
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  1. bump bump it up!
    uhhhh anyone???
  2. sometimes posts get missed. just bump them like you did and someone will get to it usually.

    i'm most likely the forum anime addict so i'd say i'm qualified to answer this......


    if you look in the entertainment section of the forum you will find a post by me on the subject of anime shows. lots and lots of suggestions there and its a good place to add in your favorites.

    if you want a few recommendations then send me a pm of shows you have watched which you do like and dont like. i have a hefty collection and should be able to recommend a few off the top of my head once i know what you like.

    i can tell you one website to avoid: nihonreview.com. the reviews on that site are EXTREMELY biased and even very good shows are hacked to pieces and given low ratings due to small flaws which do not affect the enjoyment of watching them. what i normally do is type the name of the anime into google and type review after it and see what comes up. there is no one website that i know of which has every single anime reviewed so doing a search like this is often the best way to figure out if something is good or not. searching for "top 100 anime" is also interesting.

    there is a listing of every single anime created as well (i forget the site) but its hard to navigate the list unless you are very familiar with anime in general.

    for manga you might want to "preview" some on mangafox or animea. you can see "user translated" scans of the books before they get licenced and distributed in the usa for free. once they become available for purchase they normally take them down off the site. its a good starting point though.


    i normally check on here during the week a few times per day so if you give me a detailed description of likes/dislikes i can get you started on a short list most likely.

    i would also suggest checking out my post and continuing this discussion there to "consolidate" all of the anime posts.
  3. thnx alot for reply!
    1st you can say am really noob at this stuff, theres only 4 anime shows been watching/watched: Naruto - Death note - Afro samurai - Hunter x Hunter, i watched lot of anime shows when i was a kid and i dont remember their names, but when i grow up things got serious so i stopped watching tv, am most of the time am on PC, so now am currently and only watching Naruto Shippuden and since i have some extra time i want to watch another series, i saw your posts in Good Anime Suggestions, but the problem is there was lot of suggestions and based on how you guys loved it and did not, it was hard for me to pick so i needed a review sites with trailers and user reviews, and i will use your method in that thread you posted in.

    genres i love of anime/manga is
    Drama + Adventure + Romance and Drama + Action+ Romance , with a awesome story
  4. honestly i've found it easier to just search google for "_______ review" and read a user created review (not from nihonreview!!!) and if i wanted to see a clip to type in the name of the series in youtube. this is going to be your best bet most likely.

    we all have different tastes, what one of us likes another may not. this can be said for all things in this world. the only way you can find out what you like is by trying new things. i dont have the hours to explain each and every recommendation but i can pick out a few for you to try out and write a one sentence explanation. its up to you to youtube an episode or read a review.

    rurouni kenshin
    -epic story about a legendary wandering samurai. drama, romance, action, it has it all. absolute must own. samurai X is the ova set, rurouni kenshin is the series (3 seasons) the first and second are the best

    -if you liked naruto, you will probably like bleach. a sword wielding supernatural story about the real world, a world of demons and a world of the dead.

    -this series has just about every genre in one. set in a post apocolyptic future where animal genes were spliced with humans so they survive in a more hostile world.

    one piece
    -while personally i highly detest the series, quite a few people like it so it might be worth looking at.

    heroic age
    -space drama about a war between different races/cultures.

    -space comedy about a war between the earth and humans sent out to populate the galaxy. a little strange but a personal favorite.

    gurren lagann
    -nothing can quite explain this one. a little quirky but good nonetheless.

    -humans versus demons with a twist. another personal favorite.

    -epic story about a half demon half human swordsman and a girl who accidentally falls into a well and into the past. its a very long story (7 or 8 seasons, 4 movies) but is a must see.

    dragonball z, dragonball, dragonball gt
    -an old series but theres a little of everything going on. worth watching at least a few episodes if not the whole thing.

    spice & wolf
    -slow paced drama adventure that is more thought provoking than most.

    .....i'm sure i missed a whole hell of alot of titles but this should get you started.
  5. thank you guys alot!! <3 <3
  6. MyAnimeList

    i go on there all the time, they have a really helpful community, that offer excellent recommendations.

    also, you can log all the manga you've read and anime you've watched.... which i really like :D
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