GA-8I915P-D Pro - How Much Max Memory - 3 or 4gb?

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Building a new system and was thinking about this mainboard. However, can
someone please clarify the maximum amount of DDR2 533mhz ram this will take?
Gigabyte website says 4GB but a couple of on-line stores say although the
Bios will address 4 the system will only utilize 3BG????

Was thinking of 2 lots of 1gb paired strips.

Thanks in advance.



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  1. Hi Clippy.
    Did you ever get an answer on this? I am having the same issue and it seems to be taking a while to get an answer from Gigabyte, Has anyone managed to get 4GB DDR2 running?
  2. The stores are simply trying to circumvent complaints from people with 32 bit OSs; 2 to the thirty-second (the number of useable address lines in a 32 bit OS) is 4,294,967,296 or 4 gig; however, many system resources (usb hubs, ports, and, especially video cards with large amounts of memory) have to use memory-mapped I/O for access, thereby making the mapped areas inaccessible to the OS - you wind up with around 3.2 to 3.5 gig; with a 64 bit OS, this problem goes away...

    BTW - you are better off buying two 2X sticks, than four 1X sticks - they're just easier to make run properly; also, try to stay away from Crucial & Kingston; stick with mushkin (first choice, but pricy), or G.Skill (cheaper, and the 1066s seem to work well, too); OCZ is kinda in the middle, and in a couple weeks I can tell you more re integrating them to a GB - got a pile of 1150s cheap, and will speed bin them and install when I disassemble to change over to water cooling...
  3. ......
    ........................can someone PLEASE delete all threads prior to say...2006?
  4. Ack - never thought to look at the DATE! ;=)
  5. Hi. I knew this was an old thread but I was googling away looking or any info about whether anyone had fitted 4GB to this board (manual says 4GB, Intel 915P says 4GB , Gigabyte website and google say 2GB.
    Thanks to Bilbat - I knew about the 4GB not showing up as 4GB. The board only takes 2 DDR2s OR 2 DDRs and not 4 sticks of either so I was only looking at 2 sticks. Looks like I am running a few years behind! Actually I need some advice with a slow PIII 600 I have......
    Thanks again.
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