Microsoft Proposes Government Licensing Internet


Was wondering what the Stauxnet worm was going to lead to.

Not to mention the Supreme Court favoring the banning of 'offensive' (something anyone finds offensive) free speech.

Whoo! Bring on the tyranny!
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  1. A stimulus package should be appropriated immediately and a new federal regulatory office should be created to find ways to make every American pay more to use the internet.
  2. +1 :)

    And please, more control! I need to be told what websites are ok, what I can learn, what I can share. The more control the government has over us the safer/better we are! Right?

    :/ *sigh
  3. Hey, I know stimulus when I see it, and if they do this, I wont be seeing it on the internets
  4. Actually I agree with blocking malware-infected computers from connecting to the Internet until the owner cleans up after his or her own mess. Some ISPs already do this. Of course there would have to be narrow definitions in the law to prevent gov't abuse, but considering the restrictions other countries (China, Iran, many middle eastern countries) put on access and content and email, I'd say this is extremely mild in comparison and the benefits far outweigh the risks of abuse. Just as long as Nancy Pelosi doesn't get to decide who is infected with malware, that is :D.
  5. Theyve got to be kidding us
    Pelosi says "its no joke"
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