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For Instance with Cloud Computing being Popular nowadays, and Sites opening up Direct Gaming, for people who don't have a Fast Node & can go through a Portal this brings up a question. AMD now has 25million DX11 units sold, and Nvidia has around 5million node sold! Put AMD Radeon DX11 around 700MHZ x25million units=17,500,000,000 17.5 TetraHertz of proccessing Cycles vs. Nvidia DX11 700Mhz x5million Units 3,500,000,000,000 3.5 TerraHertz of Proccessing Cycles!

With This Kinda of LeaderShip Edge why not use those Units Sold for Research of Different Science Studies or Some sort of API Acceleration for Windows 8 Cloud Computing Boosting! You Agree to dedicate some of your cycles towards research, you get an extra boost by using your computer in Virtualization Gaming, and get to play at MAX Resolution 2048x1440(For Me thats Great next bext thing to 1280x1024/1600x1200)!

Another Solution would be to put some older Tek Easier to Put in Production Lets Say VOLATAIRE (DX10.1 Updated API) Dual GPU Solution at 1.0GHZ each x 100million Units=200,000,000,000,000=200 TerraHertz of proccessing Cycles!
With Wireless Hacking being Popular, Would that 200 Terra-Hertz give more emi shielding to hacking wireless, so you would have to physically enter a complex with liken Chicks & M.I. 4 Ghost Protocol or Something (Teleporation :P)!

How Much of a Boost Can you get with GPU Acceleration of Cloud Computing? Any thoughts!
I would Get that Baronness Von Munchaussen From Cobra or whatever her name is at Chief Executive Officer with this kinda of money and Tek on the Line! What Wonder Intel's Larrabee can do? Hearing about it for a While!
With YottaHertz mentioned I keep thinking of Star Wars Yoda Cloud Computing or Orochi-Bulldozer Sound Number#8!
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  1. According to January Sales AMD Has Shipped 35Million DX11 Chips! Also Has Shipped 3 Million of its Fusion Chips! Makes 38 Million DX11 Chips Sold and AMD Radeon 7000 Fresh out of the Oven Almost! WOW big news :o
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