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Hi i am facing problem with my display driver whenever i open maya 2009 64 bit. but when i play games it works smoothly.what might be the problem i am using intel-Q6600 Quad core, 2GB DDR2 667 Mhz RAM,AMD 6970 2GB Graphics card with catylist version 10.12 windows 7and vista 64bit
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  1. What is your psu ?
    What are your temps ?
    Monitor with hw monitor.
    Are the power cable well connected to the card ?
  2. 600W cooler master
    temperature 47
    every thing is well connected.
    everything works fine except maya and photoshop.
    i can play any game whole day with great performance but i experience problem only with maya and photpshop.please help
  3. I see..
    Well you could try re installing those 2 programs..
    There also may be a compatibility issue between them . Make sure you have the latest graphics driver..
  4. I have re-installed those software and the latest 11.1catylist but no use.one more thing,i had 4850 x2 and it worked well on them.this is my new card not even a month has passed.you know how it feels when you spent Rs 25000 on it and it comes out this way.Is it the windows 7? cause I'm using 64 bit and this problem has mostly occurred in windows 7 when i checked on the internet.
  5. But didnt you have windows 7 whilst having the 4850 ?
  6. If not, try using the compatibility feature. Right click on the app- ...
  7. i tried but it failed.It shouldn't be the compatibility problem cause it worked on previous card with windows 7 64 bit without changing the compatibility.So it may be the driver issue but it should work because maya interface is a hardware rendered and the games are also hardware rendered.So if there is a rendering problem then it should create problem everywhere but that doesn't happen.
  8. but games and the display is fine. it's working well otherwise.
  9. I think you may need to re install windows.
  10. May i know the reason?
  11. Maya uses (I believe) OpenGL, whereas most games use DirectX. Sounds like a driver problem. I know that ATI cards used to have difficulties with OpenGL, but I thought that was all sorted now.
  12. So what could be the problem?and how can i fix it?
  13. I'm afraid that I have no idea. I'm just pointing out a possible line of an investigation and a reason that games might work but Maya doesn't. It may be a complete red herring.
  14. what is Catalyst Software Suite with APP removed? i am using Intel not AMD.
  15. Maya is a higher end rendering/animation program that does not play nice with ATI cards. If you want it to work, you should go with a graphics solution designed for the task. This would be a worstation card like the Nvidia Tesla line. I'm not sure if ATI has a workstation line, they should, but I have no idea what it is called. A general consumer lever graphics adapter from either camp will struggle with this program.
  16. G :) uys the problem is fixed.I installed new 11.1a hot fix and it's working fine.Thanks for your support and for the time you spend with me.
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