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I wanted to ask how i should go about deleting a partition i have created. Currently running a dual boot system with Windows 7 and a seperate partition for Windows XP. I no longer need the dual boot ie. XP partition and want my full hard drive allocated to the Wiondows 7 OS only.
So i have drive C: Windows 7 and drive D: XP, which i don't want anymore.

I think i may just need go into Disk Management and format the partition or simply delete the volume? Will the extra hard disk space be automatically assigned to the one disk again?

I wanted to make sure with someone on these forums before i went about possibly stuffing something up.

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  1. Windows 7 is on the C:\ (System, boot, page file, etc)

    and Win XP on D:\ (Primary Partition)

    Reading from Disk Management in Win 7.

    Does that help?

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