Can't restore homepage on my Win7

couple of days ago I got some infectious stuff, so I ran Malware. Seemed to help. Now I can't get my homepage to go back to internet explorer. I have been working on this for several hours now with virutally no sleep. Can someone please direct me on how to fix this? And why can't Win7 use IE8....was disappointed over that....this is probably something simple and i'm going to be extremely embarrassed...please bear with me, i'm running on no sleep ;)
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  1. Did you run the anti-malware/antivirus program until it found no infections or problems? Sometimes you have to run it more than one time. If you did, you may want to uninstall your W7 updates, including IE8 from the control panel (Programs (remove, change, etc.). After that restart your computer and visit the windows update site to download and re-install all the available security updates and IE8.
  2. Use another browser. IE has a intermittent problem of either freezing in the middle of your work or allowing inbound viruses
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