Windows cannot find C:/Program Files/Mozilla Fire/Firefox.exe\'. make sure you t

I was on facebook and all the sudden ma internet shuts off it says a bunch of virus are on it and it started installing avg i never clicked to even install it i coudltncancel it says its a trial btu i cant uninstall it and I already have antivirus protection Karspersky and yah it just doesnt open anythin i cant open mozzila fox fire or internet explorer becasue it says that for both times i try to open it.....can you explain wat happened? and how to fix it?
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  1. boot into "Save Mode with Network"

    download Malwarebytes

    install and update it

    run a Full Scan
  2. that is probably due to registry errors.I advise you to download this software from http "://" and then click on full scan and then fix errors .If it does not fix the problem, please reply.
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