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Well I guess what qualifies as being "enough traffic"?

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I have to admit, If I hadn't seen this thread pop up on the forum ticker on the thg homepage, I would never have known about it. I had heard of the SETI distributed computing deal, but not this.
This in my opinion is a much more down to earth (pun intended) effort than the seti project and i'm happy to be able to provide a few clock cycles to a cause such as this.

I've seen this type of post time and time again. There are actually quite a few repeating topics that pop up on this thread. Most likely because nobody wants to read through 700+ posts to get caught up.

I'm not saying we need a top level section, but we almost have enough content in our Folding sticky as the Hardware->NIC section as a whole. Also having a section of our own will allow us to break up the topics into different threads so we aren't asked the same questions over and over. The folding project is a very worthwile meaningful scientific study, which could use everyone's help. We sponsor THG as a team on Folding at Home, but we are just asking for a little sponsorship from our forum.

Sorry for the double post in the "feature request section". I didn't realize that "structure" indicated forum structure.
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  1. too many threads about this topic...j/k...j/k

    I just think that thirty pages is not enough to warrant a new section, however, since some sections only have about 50 posts, maybe they will allow a section for folding.
  2. Do you have any idea on how to approach the MODS to see if they would consider it?
  3. no point any more...not many responses.
  4. Yea here anyway, we have more responses at my post here:

    There was also been some discussion on the main thread that we have.
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