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Hi!. i just bought a new SSD today, 256gb Samsung 830, also have a 64gb Agility 3, and 1tb WD, currently i have windows 7 installed onto the WD hdd, and i tried doing a fresh install onto my new Samsung SSD, after alot of effort i was able to actually get windows 8 (genuine CD copy i bought) to install, it was trying to load the OS from the CD without installing for some reason, anyway, i installed it, but the OS never loaded up, it just sat on a Black screen, i tried installing again, once again falling on a black screen after installing, when i load my Win7 WD hdd, i can see in the Samsung HDD the windows files, so i know the install worked, i also tried formatting my Agility 64gb and installing it on that, but the win8 will not install on that drive due to an error, (wtf?), so my question is what am i doing wrong, and how can i fix this? thanks :)
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  1. start with the simple error. see that the new ssd connected to an intel sata port. most 3 party chipset for sata are for data drives. windows 8 and windows 7 installer on some ssd are buggy. To rule out a bad drive unplug the data cable for the other two drives so windows and the mb wont see them. the other issue is the formating the vendor uses on the ssd. a lot of people have issue with how some ssd are first partion from the vendor that windows installer wont install right. try doing an fdisk to remove all the partion you may have to do a fdisk/mbr if the windows 8 mbr is damaged. then make a new partion and see if the window 8 will install right.
  2. Boot to a black screen is typically some osrt of failure on the part of the installer and your video card, can you try to remove it and see what happens? If not I will give ou a bunch of instructions while technically blind. just let me get to my own recovery environment and I'll be back.
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