Sharing cable modem via usb without disabling ethernet connection instructions

Hello I have cox cable internet it uses a Motorolla Surfboard voice modem I have a dell with Xp hooked up to the modem via ethernet cable is is possible to share the connection with the open usb connection on the back of the modem with my E machine opererating on windows 7 home prem
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  1. you can try but most of the time you will see one of the two computers being disconnected suddenly.

    spend money on a router, it will share the connection properly and provide additional security.
  2. Chances are no, but you can share the connection from your dell if you have a second network card. Or like emerald said, just fork the money for a router.
  3. That was pretty much the answer I was expecting, pay for high speed cant have a home network! Just buy one more part! Thanks for your time and expertease!
  4. You can use internet connection sharing, but you will not be able to do that thorough USB. A Router is about $30-40, and almost all ISPs will provide you with one these days too if you ask them about it. You also can't pay for a car and get free gas with it :-)
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