Win7 or Vista?

Hey everyone do you prefer 7 or vista?

And which release (Home, Premium, Ultimate)?
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  1. Windows 7 Home Premium, it has all that most people want and Ultimate is not worth the extra money, very little extra for the additional cost.
  2. I have/use both (all 3, if you count XP at work) - I prefer Win 7.

    Unless you need to encrypt your hard drive, manage/participate in network domains, and the like, save the cash and stick to Home Premium.
  3. win7 home premium it is :) thanks guys!
  4. i have Win 7 Pro on two of my computers, but then again i get them for free from school (MSDNAA)
  5. Basically your question is should I buy ...

    a) Vista SP2 (aka Vista)
    b) Vista SP3 (aka Windows 7)

    For $33 premium from Home Premium to Pro seems insignificant.....then $35 more to Ultimate ain't too daunting either when you consider what it costs for the "Anytime upgrade"

    One reason i think the pro is worth it is the XP Mode thing.
  6. "b) Vista SP3 (aka Windows 7) "
    only someone who has not tried Windows 7 could think this.
  7. IMO Win7 is to Vista what WinXP was to Win2000; so basically a big cosmetic overhaul with a bit of core fine-tuning.
  8. I like Pro and XP mode - more options!
  9. Sateg said:
    "b) Vista SP3 (aka Windows 7) "
    only someone who has not tried Windows 7 could think this.

    Running Windows 7 Ultimate.

    Why do ya think the 1st advice ya get when you can't find a Win7 specific driver is "Use the Vista driver" ?

    Ever wonder why Vista is Version 6.0 and Windows 7 is Version 6.1 ?

    Then again, why don't we just take Steve Ballmer's word for it ? Just about a year ago today the Microsoft CEO was quoted as saying that "7 will be a better version of Vista.... In fact, he said that Windows 7 is Windows Vista with a cleaner user interface and improvements in performance. "
  10. Windows 7 64bit OEM:

    1. Windows 7 supports TRIM for SSD's (Vista and XP do not)
    2. Windows 7 has other support for new features that Vista is not getting
    3. Windows 7 is better in many ways not immediately obvious
    4. Windows 7 will be supported for approximately 3 years LONGER than Vista (XP has been dropped this year, Vista should be in 3 years or so)
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