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This problem is starting to annoy me... I have my laptop hooked up to
my tv via s-video. On certain games, after about 5 minutes the screen
on the tv will go blank -- it'll go back to the blue screen as if
waiting for an s-video input. If I wiggle the mouse it'll come back
on. I don't understand why this is happening... I don't have any
screen savers on, and when I play, it's plugged into the ac adapter, so
it's not in a powersave mode. I've noticed that it happens more often
when I play Street Fighter 2 Turbo and it's variants... with other
games, such as NBA Jam, it hardly happens at all, if ever. Has anyone
come across similar problems?

I have a Toshiba M-35x S109 laptop... celeron m 1.4 ghz, 768 ram,
windows xp sp2, and am using one of the latest versions of mame... i
can't remember the specific version now.
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    Goto Power Options in Control Panel.
    Select Home/Office Desk or Always On.
    Set Turn off monitor to Never.

    Good luck,
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