Reformat/Win98 re-install without data backup?

Hey All,

I've been running Win 98 on my system for just over 2 years, and I've heard that it's a good idea to do a fresh install and reformat the hard drive about once a year.

But I don't have the means to backup my data. Is there any effective OS or hard drive maintenance I can do without backing up my hard drive?

Thanks in advance for any pointers!
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  1. When you said i have no means of backup, do you mean you dont have a floppy drive, tape drive etc.

    Their are to ways to backup data:

    1. First of all do you have any partitions on your c: drive. If so transfer all the files onto the d:, E: F: etc or whatever drive you choose. Then format the c: drive or the drive you want formatted. Once you have installed windows then transfer the files back into the c: drive. If you do not have any partitions go into dos and type fdisk and create a partition. Then do the previous steps. If that does not work then either try and copy it all on to floppy's all do not format whatever yoh do all you will lose everything. If you do decide that you dont mind losing all you work, but want to keep your drivers then if you can't back em up check the internet thta all the hardware that you hvae got you can get drivers for. Good Luck
  2. As you may know, Microsoft has a program called MS Backup but for some reason known only to Microsoft they do not make it available as part of the original Win 98 install. Ms Backup is available however in the Win 98 setup files and needs to be installed. Here's how to do it.

    = Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel
    = Now click on Add/Remove Programs. Click on the "Windows
    Setup" tab.
    = Scroll down to "System Tools" and double click on it.
    = From the list shown, look for "Backup". Place a checkmark
    next to it and press OK. Follow instructions to install.

    Once backup is installed, it will be located on your program menu under Assessories, System tools.

    You can now use MS Backup to backup your data on floppies or a Zip disk if you have one.

    Hope this helps

  3. I'd be cautious about doing a partition with files on the disk. This is usually a "just formatted" procedure. I've never used MS back-up, but I've heard it can be a pain in the onions. Formatting your hard drive isn't necessary unless you have a problem. Run the usual programs, Scandisk, disk clean-up, defrag etc. If you fell it's necessary, get a registry cleaning program. If you're not in the know about such things, e.g. which files to back-up to keep my internet settings etc. I'd leave formatting well alone!

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  4. If your system is running fine I dont see the need to do a fresh install, unless you want to switch to another OS. To me, you are better to defragment your drive using the defragmenter provided with Windows 98, it should do all the maintenantce you need. No data loss, no backup needed and no messing with drivers.

    Hope that helps!

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  5. Thanks all. I'm not seeing any problems with my current installation, and I do have Norton Systemworks, which keeps my registry clean. Along with regular scandisk and defragging, sounds like I have nothing to worry about for the time being.

    Thanks for all the help.
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