How can i transfer pictures from inactive sprint cell phone to computer

I have 3 different cell phones that are no longer active. I have very precious pictures on each of them and I am not able to transfer them to my computer. I would like to remove these pictures so that I can either sell the phones or let family members use them. I am reluctant to do this until I can get the pictures off of them. I do have the data cable for transferring but because the phones are inactive it will not allow me to do so. Please can someone tell me what I can do. Thanks.
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  1. If you have a direct cable connection to the PC from the phones, does not matter if the phone has service on it. The issue may be is that you are just plugging in a cable that fits into a phone not made for direct data transfer. Read the manuals for the phones and see if you can sync them to a PC, and how to do that.
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