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OK, I am a newbie to Mame. I am getting ready to build a cabinet very soon
and am considering adding a trackball. However, the only game I would use
it for is probably Golden Tee Golf (any version will do, but the newer the
better). Does anyone have a copy of this game they can send me? If I can't
lay my hands on the game there is no reason to plunk down $80 for a
trackball. I don't know which version of MAME I will be using, but it will
likely be any one that works with the Golden Tee version I recieve. My
email address is

Thanks in advance.
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    I did manage to get a copy of GT2 and it works fine. Ideally I would like a
    copy of Golden Tee 2000, I believe the filename I'm after is gt2ks100.

    Thanks in advance.
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