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I play a pool game on the computer that requires using both sides of the mouse.
the left side is to aim the pool stick and the left side is to pull back and release the stick to hit the balls.
Now , when I press the right side , a message bar comes up and I am unable to shoot.
How can I deactivate the message bar?
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  1. What message bar is coming up and what does it say? Also, if the message bar can't be stopped, then you can probably change the key/mouse buttons for that pinball game. I can do it in every pinball game that I've played on a computer, granted that's only two.
  2. Wonder if this happens because you are using Mac OS which primarily supports the one button mouse they make. I don't know enough about MAC's yet so this could be an issue with the OS instead of the game.
  3. System Preferences -> Mouse -> turn on secondary click
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