Call of Duty Install Trouble

Can anyone tell me why when i run the install disc for Call of Duty there is no option to install on the disc? I had it on my computer once before but it got deleted cause i had to get it repaired and i lost all my files. And now i wanna play it again, but i can't!!!!!!!!
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  1. are u saying when u insert the disk the splash screen only gives u the option to "play" the game which wont work cos the game isnt on the HDD??

    if so try:
    a: going into control panel => remove programs and seeing if call of duty is in there and can be uninstalled although unlikely it will if it is in there as it will need the uninstall log.

    B: explore cd one and manually run setup.exe which imo should work

    C: the risky one... i had jedi knight 2 on my machine which bjorked and wouldnt reinstall same prob u have with CoD so i got me a registry program and searched for anything with jedi knight 2 which i deleted and then on a gamedisk reinsert the option to install came back.... so u could try that as well BUT try what i say in order abc and finally messing in the registry can make yur pc do strange and not so wonderful things so only use as last resort and dont blam me if u delete something important and yur pc dies :D

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  2. If the first 2 options fail.. go here

    HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Look for umm EA I think... and Call of Duty and delete... Be sure to backup the registry :D

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