Am i virused or is my computer just dying?

When i booted my computer a last night it would not fully boot into windows, it firstly said it had a scsihlp3 vxd error, it might be possible to continue normally etc BSOD, i then clicked enter and it continued and said that my video card drivers were buggered and i should reinstall. Anyway i decided to reinstall windows to try and solve the problem, however the error continued (i am running ME btw) when it came to setting up the help files during the installation. Anyway luckily i had made a ghost backup the night before so i restored this, however then later on that night again the same error occured when i restarted. I again restored the image this mornning however i dont feel that i want to restart as i am worried the same problem will reoccur, anyway any ideas are welcome.
Is it possible that my motherboard is damaged as i accidentaly hit it once with a screwdriver when adding a new fan, i couldnt see any scratches and it seems a little strange. Oh and another point is that i also got windows protection errors sometimes - my monitor vxd i think, "monvxd has caused a windows protection error, restart your computer etc"

Thanks for any thoughts


A Life, where can i download one of those from?
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  1. Do you have a SCSI card installed (just guessing from the 'scsihlp3.vxd' you mentioned)?

    If so, you should check it is seated correctly. Check all the other cards as well, possibly one had come loose while you were installing the fan.
  2. Tragically i dont have any SCSI devices, and the reason i dont think its a card seating is that otherwise why would my computer boot happily and run at 100% stability but when i want to restart it buggers up, and also the fact i can then "restore" the system before it dies again makes me wonder, i am gonna try restoring using the windows restore tool i think tonite some time

    A Life, where can i download one of those from?
  3. search to find the scsihlp3.vxd file and then delete it.
    I delete mine everytime because it is not needed unless you have a scsi card. I first learned of this file a few years back when I kept getting errors using EZ CD Creator by Adaptec; the fix was to delete this file.

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  4. Just curious, what installs this file?

    Neither my Win '98 nor Win Me machines have it.
  5. Reformat the HD and reinstall windows. Sometimes it takes two or three installs before it is perfect.

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  6. In the end i gave up hope as reinstalling didnt work my backup ghost must have been corrupted too so i just started again. Pisses me off tho as i have never had a scsi device on the computer

    And it was on ME and i tried searching for the file and couldnt find it either - or even a reference to it in my registry/win.ini files etc - it was totally hidden


    A Life, where can i download one of those from?
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