Strong distortion when recording at not 44.1kHz - problem

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I am recording from line-in with a CMI-8738 (integrated on the
motherboard), under WindowsXP, and when the sampling rate is NOT
44.1kHz, there is a strong distortion in the sound. I would like to be
able to record at 48kHz. Can anybody help?

PS: I have tried the CM9739 driver but with it the same distortion
happens at 44.1kHz samping rate as well.

Thank you.

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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware (More info?)

    yabbadoo wrote:
    > Solved problems with this pretty cr*p chip on-board Asus m/b by installing a
    > separate sound card.
    > This was AFTER posting - no answers - and, as you have already discovered,
    > neither Asus nor CMedia are able/willing to help.
    > If you elect this remedy - the soundcard documentation should tell you to
    > disable the on-board chip in BIOS before installing. If yr m/b is Asus (mine
    > is A7V266-E) referring to m/b documentation offers little help. Here's how I
    > did it.

    This is a Chaintech m/b. Thank you for the response. It seems that a
    separate card is the way to go.

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