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ok so there is a best game of all time topic up there so I wanna know what yur best gaming moment. Now the title of post might be a little misleading cos I posted this in another forum a while back and replies I got were: "when I played goldeneye for the first time" or "seeing the graphics of farcry for the first time". Thats not what I'm looking for.
What I want is to hear about those moments when yur playing a game and u get stuck, u try and try and try and keep failing. Then u might sleep on it and bang the morning after u tear straight through the offending part of the game... Remember how much relief u feel??? I'll give two of my examples:

Getting all the licences on gran turismo..... that was stressful.

Major one: Diddy Kong Racing. I think I was stuck on one particular race for a few days. It was a race that u had to time jumps over water and if u messed up even a tiny bit on one of the jumps the boss would overtake u and it was impossible to catch up so u had to restart the race... so after a few days of repeated attempts, bad moods and nearly picking my n64 up and throwing through my tv i made the race... it seemed easy when i did.... i practically did somersaults in my bedroom and thats the kinda thing i wanna hear about.

oh another example is the water temple from ocarina of time... just about everyone i know got lost in there wandering about looking for the path... that was an annoying temple.

"Its only when you look at ants closely with a magnifying glass on a sunny day that you realise how often they burst into flames"
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  1. I had been working on this problem that had been puzzline me in might and magic IX for what seemed like eons, when it was actually only prolly a few days. no matter what I tried either I was simply outfought by the enemy, or was stumped by just one more bug in the game. came to me. like in a dream...only with those dazzling lights...seemingly an array....* * * B O O O M * *

    Can you smell that man? too much chile again, I'll tell you what. so much for the dazzling lights display, I need some strong perfume....

    anyway, back to the game. still working on this seemingly unsolvable puzzle...

    when came to me...I jumped up and threw the dam thing in the trash...

    problem solved

    Talk about feeling better. like I hadn't felt in decades it must have been

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  2. This day felt like it was going to be a good one. I grabbed by bag from my house containing precious & expensive cargo, and decided to walk all the way to the market. It was quite a ways away unfortunately, and undoubtly I will encounter less than friendly creatures. But I didn't fear, for I had my lucky harp with me by my side.

    I crossed a river and met a person who was going the opposite way. We exchanged greetings, and I recognized him as my neighbour. He asked about the path home, and whether it was a safe. I didn't notice anything unusual, apart from the odd harpy. And seeing as he was quite an accomplished warrior, I didn't think he'd have any trouble with those. We parted and I continued on my way to the city.

    The pathway came to an abrupt halt, as expected of course, and what lay before me was the great northern swamp. People talked about this place harbouring creatures of terror. One such monster was the mighty silver serpent. I hadn't crossed paths with one on this swamp before, but I wanted to be extra careful, since I was carrying a lot of cargo. So I decided to walk along the shoreline, and passed the swamp pretty much unnoticed. I breathed a sign of relief.

    I trekked some distance before I found the pathway again. Walking along past the guard tower gave me more confidence, and took a load off my mind. It was empty today, course it was empty everyday. Guards here are known to wander off for some reason. I've heard people say that it's the swamp nearby that drives them mad at night. The strange glow and voices gets to them. Well no matter, I'll just help myself to their delicious sweet bread.

    It's strange that I hadn't encountered any monsters on my way here. Perhaps it was the hot afternoon that drove them to the caves. I wasn't going to find out in any case, and quickly made my way to the city.

    I passed by a few houses, the vendors there were as usual, empty. People should stock their shops more regularly. I know I would if I could afford homes so close to cities. Just then a group of adventurers ran on horseback towards the way I came. They asked if I wanted to join in saying that several group of orcs had invaded a mining cave some distance north. The group consisted mostly of apprentice warriors, and a few lumberjacks trying their chopping skills on the creatures. I politely refused, because I knew I'd just wreak their fun.

    I made my way to the eastern bank, I deposited some money I had on me, and took out my accounting book. While arranging my goods in my bag, I met some of my guildmates there. I greeted them, but they didn't respond. I greeted them again, and for some strange reason, they ran away to the next shop. They uttered a few words, and dissappeared right before my eyes. I thought about it a few minutes, and realized that they were naked. Magicians are a strange sort indeed.

    I closed my bankbox, and walked west towards the primary bank, or should I say, my "market". The bank was more or less the center of the world, adventurers, craftsmen, resourcers & magicians from all over the world came here for many many reasons. Besides being a bank, it was a good place to meet people to start groups. Many others are simply passing through to other cities. Others still swept through the place, looking to make a living by finding scraps on the floor. I knew if I had something of value that I wanted to sell, this place would be where I had to be in order to sell it.

    I stood by next to a tree, opened up my bag, and shouted my familiar trading phrase. "Solid white, of marble & stone, precious they are indeed. Come one, come all, for sale they are, I have a family to feed!". Just then, several promising customers came up to me and asked for a peek. I showed them my wares, and their eyes sparkled. They then went to the bank for a cheque,... of 60 thousand gold coins. My wares of precious mini-statues were selling very well indeed, for I was a wealthy man.

    There were others selling the same goods as I was, however they sold theirs at a higher premium than I did. I didn't care much for gold, never did. And I didn't mind undercutting them in the least bit. Some pleaded with me to sell my wares at a higher price, others cursed at my name & family. But I was undettered. I knew that increasing my prices would dramatically drop my turnover, and so I didn't want to risk losing a good thing. I sold on average, 200% better than anyone else did in the market, and as a result of that, the 33% price difference between my wares and theirs didn't make one bit of difference.

    I sold my first batch, and went to deposit a handsome sum of 720 thousand gold coins into my bank. Most take seven days making such a sum, whilst I take only seven minutes. I opened my bank-box and placed my cheques in order. I counted them all, and saw 20 cheques, each of exactly 1 million gold coins, plus one of 720 thousand. I counted again, and again. It dawned on me I had accomplished what many others in my large guild hadn't. I had close to 21 million gold coins.

    This was more than enough to purchase the third largest adobe available, a tower! Not even the leaders of my guild had this much on them... combined! My eyes glazed over, and the dark temptation of power came into my thoughts. I could claim the position of guildmaster with such fortune. I could run the guild however I see fit. I was sick of being the public relations officer, I was sick of all the nonsense my less than behaved apprentice guildmates did to other guilds, I was sick of having to apologize to smaller guilds for the uncontrollability of my guild. With control of my guild, I could dictate strict moral codes to all the members, and once again bring our mighty guild back to the top, and with that, tremendous respect it deserves.

    I slapped myself & regained control. If I did all that, I knew I had to "share" my precious tower to these clowns. No. No that just won't do. This tower is mine, all mine, no one will have it, no one will have my preciousss....
    Thank you Ultima Online, and the team behind the MMORPG. It was awesome while it lasted.

    I poo on you!
  3. im kinda disturbed u sat down and wrote all that.... :)

    "Its only when you look at ants closely with a magnifying glass on a sunny day that you realise how often they burst into flames"
  4. For all you know, it's a copy-paste from his blog. Although he still had to type it all at some point (unless he had a dictaphone and conversion to text tool). O well :smile:


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  5. I'm going to eat you, you tasty morsel.

    I poo on you!
  6. Me, specifically? Or one of my brothers? There's a couple of us around ya know.


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  7. No one wanna moo-moo? Ok me moo-moo.

    It was finally the end of a long day. My reward consists of a handful of junk, items like bandages, bags, ingots, books, and even some bizzare bits like plates & mugs. Besides that, I had thousands of reagents, tens of thousands of gold coins (oh yes), and several magical items, two of them extremely good. It was a good day for looting indeed.

    I wasn't, nor did I ever intended to become a looter believe it or not. I was once a civilian, and I worked for my keep, just like everyone else. Then one day, a couple of vultures decided it would be fun opening portals in town which lead to the infamous shroom pits of Dungeon Shame. Folks accidently entering this portal never came back, never. It was one such day that I had some Orc ale with friends of mine, and I was about to leave town for my small and very modest house in the outskirts.

    Unfortunately, I tripped, and at that very fateful moment, a bright blue light appeared in front of me. I was floating, slowly towards the already opening portal. I felt as if my luck had ran out, and it indeed appeared to be so when I went through, and landed in darkness, whereby explosions echoed throughout the hallways. I was dead.

    I swore, with all my might, that I would avenge...err, myself. These ratscum will not get away with this. And so... my path was forever changed from that single event, oh so long ago.

    I was skilled in the arts, and this granted me tremendous powers over the dark creatures that spawned around the world. I was one with them, as they are with me. My vengence would soon come.

    Three days of preparations followed, and I found myself at the entrance of the third level of the dungeon, waiting for my prey. I carried nothing of value with me, I expected a swift death from creatures that lurked in this level. One such creature was the legendry undead spawn known as the liche. Another unspeakable horror also lurked in the festering pools, some distance away from me. I was intent on not meeting this beast, for it is of certain death.

    The wait was not long, and my patience has been rewarded as I spotted one of the scumbags walking my way. But wait, what was this following him? An undead liche? It seems he was preparing for something. I wanted to see what he was up to, so I kept to the shadows, invisible to all but myself.

    Then suddenly, I spotted two of his accomplises enter the dark portal from the level above, and immediately hid themselves from the creature that stood nearby. A few seconds passed, and a woman entered through the dimentional portal. The liche flew into a blinding rage, attacking and instantly killing the poor girl. My blood boiled. All three then came out of hiding, and made short work of the now useless liche. They waited a few minutes, and looted the corpse of the woman dry.

    They left towards the dark hallways, and I came out of hiding. To my surprise, the womans' spirit lingered and attempted to communicate with me. Luckily, I had sufficient skill to understand what she had to say. I explained that I saw everything nearby, and that I could help her get her stuff back. I then opened a portal to town, and asked that she get resurrected by the local healer. I then walked through the darkness.

    [to be continued...]

    I poo on you!
  8. The halls were eerily quiet, but somewhat familiar. A shackled skeleton in the walls, and a small pool of algae was enough for me to recognize exactly where I was. I quickly hatched a plan to kill the three bastards, but I need it to be absolutely successful, and for that, I had to use the beast.

    For hundreds of years, the beast was seen as the guardian of the lower levels of this dungeon, protecting what remained of the place. Wizards long ago learned forbidden magics here, new recruits were trained in the forces of nature, and tested deep below where the fires of the burning hells break the surface. No-one knew what became of them, rumors spoke of a rogue wizard summoning a great power from the poisonous pools, and shortly thereafter, killing everyone with one swift strike. But then again, they're just rumours.

    I slowly walked away from the dimly lit hallways, towards these ancient pools. I was nervous, as was my steed, and rightly so, as I was not sure if I could outrun the beast. Slowly, very slowly, one step at a time I walked. Then, I spotted him. Oh what a sight to behold. A whirlwind of poison, sparking all around. Here was the mighty Poison Elemental, standing right in front of me. He was at his back, starring at the walls, as if meditating. My horse then crushed a rock, and he turns his head. For a brief moment, our eyes are locked.

    I quickly ran from where I was, turning left and right, then right again. He was still behind me, and damn was he fast. I had to be sure I got the timing right. Another right one last time, and I stopped. The Shroom room stood before me. I quickly dispatched a teleportation spell to a safe spot right where the exploding mushrooms where. I then opened my magic book, and located an invisible spell. The beast was 5 steps away from me... I quickly spoke the words "An Lor Xen". The beast was 3 steps away... the magic begins to take effect. 2 steps left, sparkles appear & I suddenly turned invisible to all. I was lucky.

    While the beast was still at a safe distance, he could wander right next to me at anytime, and my magic would not be powerful enough to hide me at such close quarters. I quickly dispatched another spell, a more powerful teleportation spell "Kal Ort Por", and made my way towards the entrance of the level. I struck my steed with my spokes, and went to find my prey.

    Further below, I discovered corpses... corpses of liches, everywhere, and not one person around. The three must really be bored if they're hunting helpless liches now. I followed the path of destruction, and it led me near the entrance of the forth level. I found the rats.

    [to be continued...]

    I poo on you!
  9. You have far too much time on your hands.
  10. whats depressing me is i wanna know what happens next :(

    "Its only when you look at ants closely with a magnifying glass on a sunny day that you realise how often they burst into flames"
  11. I walked all casual into the secondary large hall, but surprisingly, none of them seemed to recognize me. Damn slimeballs didn't even bother remembering their victims. Well, I was going to make sure they'll remember me this time around, and forever. I greeted them, and asked if I could join in the fun of lich killing. They looked at each other, and agreed. So I took my place, and stood in an empty corner waiting for the next spawn to appear. My rather unassuming rags should draw their attention away from trying to loot me again.

    To play along, I took out a couple of liches. I noted how these three only seem to be able to handle two liches at any given time. Three was too much for them to handle for some reason, and I soon found out why. Turns out, their weapons were mediocre crap, almost certainly leftovers from people they looted upstairs.

    The secondary hall where we were, was directly next to the stairway that led down to the lowest level of the dungeon. If the dungeon was empty of people as I suspected, there should be 2 liches waiting just below. I could bring them up, and at the right time, have the morons deal with a total of 5 liches all at once. This should send them packing out and through the twisting corridors a bit further up to the next, but much smaller primary hall. I went into action, and departed the spawn for the stairway.

    I proceeded very very cautiosly down the steps. It was empty alright, but I could hear the unmistakable sounds of liches somewhere. I looked around the room, including the central pit-trap, but it was all empty. Damn. The three doorways surrounding the room are tightly shut, only which magic can open. Well, if I could hear liches, I knew they had to be through one of these doorways. Open the wrong one however, and I'd have to deal with the master lich lord, and probably his twin serpentine pets as well. This was much too risky for me to handle. So I casted my teleportation spell, and entered back into the primary hall, where with much surprise, I was greeted with two newly spawned liches. My eyes glittered.

    The twisting corridors that led to the secondary hall, are a little tricky to go through, but I should be able to make it with at least one lich following me. I quickly ran around the two undead creatures, making sure they're as close as possible to each other. I then darted through to the corridors, going as fast as the wind would take me. But I quickly realized I was all on my lonesome. My god are they slow. I so wanted to grab them by the rags, and fling them to the hall where they were.

    After several dozen seconds passed by, I was finally through the corridor, and was just at the mouth of the second hall. I successfully managed to lure both of my little helpers, and with luck, they should hopefully finish their jobs within seconds. I want to be sure the three didn't see me while all this happened. The plan was to let them think the two liches happened to wander from the hall further up, all by themselves. If they even suspected anyone was involved, they'll call upon the gods, and play the innocent card. This will not happen, not to me. 10 steps is what separates the liches from their targets, but this was hardly enough, they needed to be closer. So I got off my horse, and used it as bait to lure the creatures into position. Magic was not going to be fast enough this time around, so I used my trusty ring to cast my flesh invisible to all who gaze upon it. I quickly ran to the exact spot where I wanted them to be, and quickly put on my ring. It took less than a second, so they should have easily missed seeing me. I called upon my steed, and lured the liches towards me.

    Suddenly, the unexpected happened. My brave brave horse decided to try and take on both liches at once, the fool will get himself killed! I called on him, again and again, demanded that he follow my voice, but he did not budge. The liches tore him apart, and his life was slowly draining away from his already weakened body. I called one last time, and this time he followed, but only to perish at my feet. What a brave fool. Sweetpea, may you rest in peace. My steeds' death was not in vain however, for the liches are now in position. All they needed was a nearby target to blast away. With much patience, I waited, and waited.

    [to be continued...]

    I poo on you!
  12. [Addicted to Battlefront]

    The wait was unusually long, surly one of them would've wandered around where the liches were by now. Perhaps they avoided the liches I brought over intentionally... in any case I had to find out. The risk of dying to 5 liches, or being flagged by the gods was high, but I didn't want the scum to get away. I took the chance, and ran out of hiding to the center of the hall, where I found... no-one! Except for the 5 monsters, the hall was completely empty. Where in the world had they gone? Are they below in the forth level? Did they teleport out of the dungeon, finished for the day? My blood boiled, and I ran down to the forth level demanding some answers. I didn't realize it then, but I managed to bypass 5 liches without thinking. I ran around the room below, looking for any signs of the dirtbags, circling the central pit-trap. But all I got was the attention of two other liches that just opened one of the doorways. I ran back up to the secondary hall & accidently managed to lure both of them with me. This was not looking good, as all 7 liches are now onto me. I used all the power of the arcane arts I had learned, and again, managed to stay clear of the creatures with ease. What I had done began to dawn on me, but I had more pressing matters to attend to.

    So back up I went, through the narrow corridors and into the primary hall, but found no-one. From there I ran through the hallways past the poison pools, but still found no-one. I was getting closer to the beast's location, and I didn't want his wrath on me especially since I was on foot. So I teleported back to the entrance of the third level, and went into the black portal to the second level.

    The black portal opens up to whats known to warriors and adventurers as the Bone Knight room. The place was once extremely feared, as skeletal & bone knights would shred and rip living warriors, limb from limb. It was thought that an unknown group of knight-errants entered this realm long long ago, looking for a piece of an object of some kind. Unfortunately they managed to anger the spirit of one of the undead lords. The punishment given was that they were to be doomed for all eternity, to a life of servitude. Recently however, adventurers managed to find a weakness in the tactics used by the undead knights, and so today, the room is utilized as training grounds for apprentice warriors.

    I stood there, right in the black portal, hidden to all. The knight chambers was strangely empty. Someone must've broken up the formation to let the knights through to the archways. I let out a small smile, as I knew who the perpetrators were. I didn't want to waste any more time tracking them, so I decided to make another trap. I came out of hiding, and immediately caught the attention of 3 skeletal knights. I casted the Woodman special, flamestrike-energybolt-explosion spells in quick succession, and instantly reduced one of them to flaming cinders. The other two was fast running towards me, so I ran around them & provoked them onto each other. While they were at it, two more knights from the archway targeted me. At the mouth of the archway, I stood, using myself as bait. And at the right moment, I ran back 5 steps, provoking them to attack each other.

    Just then a lone warrior came running towards me, I hesitated for a moment wondering what he was going to do. I breathed a sigh of relief however, as he ran straight for the black portal to the third level. Little did I realize that he had a group of monsters following him! About a dozen assorted undead creatures all targeted the sole living creature they saw, me! And among them were three of the much feared Bone Magi. Great, just my luck. I quickly provoked four specters and cast myself invisible. While the skills I had allowed me to survive well, I had to rest in between sessions, for they were a great strain on my mind. After the short break, I immediately provoked four more creatures. By this time, the knight chambers was getting awfully crowded. Four monsters remained, and I shouldn’t have much trouble with those, so I casted another invisible spell. It was too late however, as two of the Bone Magi managed to hit my jaw, disrupting my concentration. The other Magi and ghoul undeads were now onto me, so I took a chance and ran back to the black portal for safety. This was sloppy.

    I healed my wounds, and regained my concentration, before checking how many reagents I had left. It was sufficient for another dozen or so spells, so I went back to the knight chambers, and successfully provoked all four remaining creatures onto each other. By now, there were 8 pairs going at each other. The trap was now almost set, all it needed was apprentice warriors, so I patiently waited.

    The wait was thankfully short, as two groups of apprentice warriors from three allied guilds came out of several portals. The veteran trainers, themselves training their healing skills, stood out and starred at the sight. Obviously wanting to satisfy the purpose of their coming here, they asked if they could "borrow" the spawns for their guildmates. I agreed, and they all arranged themselves to the formation at the junction separating the archway & the knight chamber. I stood behind the formation, and used the Peacemake skill. All 16 monsters stopped fighting, and instantly targeted the formation. The gap was sufficient for only one monster to pass through at any given time, and it was this bottleneck that allowed adventurers & warriors to train a variety of skills, without fear of death. At the safety of the formation, the veterans asked what had happened, I told them what happened earlier, and asked if they could cooperate with me in bringing down their reign of terror. They looked at each other for a while, considered it, and all agreed wholeheartedly. I asked that they secretly send word around the formation, that they all use their Hide skill when the time was right, and I would take care of the rest.

    The trap is now ready.

    It didn't take long for the looters to show their rat faces once again. All three came out of a portal at an obscure part of the archway... so they had been outside the dungeon afterall. No matter. They came running, pushing through the formation, and recklessly attacking the knights at the other end. They aimed to break the formation causing much death to the fragile apprentices. Oh, the looters had no idea what awaited them.

    "NOW!!", I shouted. The entire formation immediately hid themselves, including me. This confused the 16 creatures for a second, but they then turned their raging attention to the three looters standing nearby. Caught completely by surprise, the creatures surrounded the three, ripping out their flesh. One found himself dangerously low on health, and both of his partners attempted to heal him with both bandages and magics. It was completely in vain however, as the flaming fury of the Magi, coupled with the crushing blows of the Knights, were just too much for the poor sod. 'ElItE LeWtEr' was dead, but two more remained. The looters knew they couldn't face such an onslaught by themselves, so they ran towards the black portal to the third level. We all came out of hiding, and the formation quickly took form once again. Cheers and thanks were passed around, but time was short, as the corpse was already decomposing. I quickly followed the two through the black portal.

    I came out the other side, but found no-one. They sure are quick to chicken out when faced with danger. I ran as fast as I could through the hallways, past the shroom room & the Poison Elemental. It only took a fraction of a glimpse, but it was all that was needed, for the beast was now after me. Casting the invisible spell would be futile, as the distance between us was just too close. I needed something between us, a barrier of some sort. Just then a corner came up, and I figured this would theoretically work, so I casted the spell after making a sharp left turn. "An Lor Xen", I disappeared, and I turned my sights on to the elemental. The beast stopped in his tracks, attempting to find where I am. It worked. I waited until his nose led him back, away from where I was. I then continued running, past the poison pools, to arrive at the primary hall. I managed to catch a short glimpse of the two, and it seemed they were headed for the secondary hall. Yes. Now if they couldn't handle weaker creatures, they certainly had no chance with 7 almighty liches.

    I followed them again, but this time I decided against running, just in case any liches decides to make a surprise appearance. So I walked slowly through the corridor. Half a minute later, I saw them, well one alive anyway, running back towards me with 4 liches hot on his trail. 'MaStALuUt VaPoR' is now dead, oh the bittersweet taste of vengeance is close. I grind my teeth and started running back towards the other way, with the last looter seemingly trying to follow me. Even with his two partners dead, he still wanted loot. The fool. If he wants death, he's going to get it. He keeps the liches as far away from his as he can without loosing them, and I in turn keep my distance from him as far as I can possibly go without him using his looting tactics on me. Already in the hallways, my thoughts are on the poison elemental waiting somewhere nearby. My sloppiness got the better of me, as I did not hold an invisible spell in my thoughts, and I didn't want to cast it when the elemental is in front of me. I hesitated, and screwed it. I opened my wizards book, still running, and casted the spell. Smoke appeared, and nothing happened, the blasted spell wouldn't work while on the move! I had to stop, but if I did, the last looter would go invisible, and the entire trap would be ruined.

    Just then, I moved my sights on a small object in my backpack. A ring... of invisibility! I had completely forgotten about this precious thing! I closed my book, put on my ring, and prepared for the event.

    The elemental suddenly appeared some distance in front of me. With me running towards it, and it towards me, our distance rapidly diminished. The looter sees this, and completely stopped dead in his tracks. 4 liches is something, but a Poison Elemental was completely another. I too stop, and touched my ring. I went into darkness, but the elemental continued his chase. The looter now found himself between two walls, hopelessly he tries to cast the invisible spell. The foremost lich swings his arm, and disrupts the spell. The other two then arrive, beating him into a pulp. The first lich throws off a mighty flamestrike spell, instantly reducing the looter's health by half. Then the beast arrived, and immediately delivers an powerful & toxic venom. It then threw off 3 consecutive flamestrike spells, completely reducing him to ashes.

    It was done. 'SuPa LoOtA' is dead.

    I ran out of there as fast as I could, re-entering the black portal and finding the first looter's corpse all but bones. I searched the remains, and found thousands of gold coins, over a dozen magical items, and a handful of reagents. I kept the items, but gave all the gold to the fine folks nearby training in their formation. I teleported to the third level, and found the second looter. He wasn't completely decayed yet, I had about a minute left before it did, so I waited. Then this spook appeared, and it was none other than the looter that died here. He spoke of many things, but I didn't bother using my spirit-speaking skill to listen. The corpse now decayed, and I took everything, except for a gold coin... for his troubles. I quietly left him there... still spooking. The last corpse was going to be tough to get to. But I figure that if I could easily get past 7 liches with ease, 4 liches and an elemental shouldn't be a problem. I followed through with this, and ran directly to the corpse, before using my ring once again.

    This seemed... too easy.

    The corpse had about 2 minutes left, and it was going to be a bore waiting. A few seconds later, SuPa came running through. This was not good. If he manages to hide before the monsters kill him, he'd be able to loot back his corpse, and come out of all this more or less unscathed. SuPa had the elemental on his tail, and wanted to shake it off someplace safe, so he went off to the primary hall. I had thought of provoking the 4 liches on each other earlier, but my confidence taught me otherwise, so I left them as they were. Poor SuPa. My worries left me, as it didn't take long for him to come running back... as a ghost. I greeted him, then looted him, then left him there.

    Thus ends my second best gaming moment, and the start of my looting career.

    [Goes back to Battlefront]

    I poo on you!
  13. An old one for me was in "Crimson Skies", when I finally blew up that blasted warehouse after umpteen tries.

    A recent nice moment was in "Call of Duty". I found my self on the Russian Front as canon fodder. Armed with only a single shot rifle facing hoards of machinegun tottin' Nazi scum I squinted and fired and fired till my left mouse button was smokin and my fingers numb. I barely heard Sgt. Antov tell me that we'd won the battle and he was proud of us... Talk about immersion.

    Da Worfster

    If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.
  14. When the ghost appears in the mirror behind you in Undying is a good game moment. Also in the original Unreal when your in the hallway and the lights go out one by one until it's totally dark and then the Skarjj attacks you was pretty good too.
  15. excellent woodman :)

    "Its only when you look at ants closely with a magnifying glass on a sunny day that you realise how often they burst into flames"
  16. i had an enemy at the gates moment in CoD... was sweet was at a lan playing on the.... is it stalingrad map? the sniper level in the snow with all the broken buildings???? was lying down scanning a building with sniper scope and out of nowhere a bloke jumps past a doorway. it was a complete fluke i reflex shot and popped him through the head... being in the middle of a mad multiplayer battle no one noticed and i died a few seconds later cos firing that shot gave my position away to every other sniper on the map :) but still remains in my mind as one of my cooler kills.

    "Its only when you look at ants closely with a magnifying glass on a sunny day that you realise how often they burst into flames"
  17. Well it would have to be UT 2k4 playing in Matrix mode(low grav with air control .50 bouncin off walls and superjumps too). I was playing Double Domination with three or four bad guys hot on my tail . I took a big jump and at the apex of my jump loaded up a flak ball, spun around and launched. The ai is pretty good in this version because they will follow you everywhere, transporters and all. The flak ball requires some skill to aim as it doesn't track the enemy like a rocket launcher. I had been experimenting with it for a while with little success. Anyway, when I launched the enemy was all clustered together (hardly ever see them like that) and it took out all but one. I pushed off the that platform in the middle of the arena (dble domination= avaris or some such thing) and launched another direct hit. no more bots so I ran away to get some life. I love ut because you can do the things I always wanted to do in the matrix like low grav, super jump, push off walls etc. Plus I just love to frag. Games with an objective are good but after a hard day at work I just like to blow stuff up. In vice city I spent most of my time finding interesting ways to kill people (tilt the helicopter rotor into a crowd of people and see how many stars that'll get ya). Anyway, that's my story and I'm stickin to it.

    A7n8x dlx 1004 Uber Agressive settings
    2500Barton (Bastards locked it) Radeon 9200
    WD 60g @7200w 8mg Cache Crucial 2700 2x 256
    AMD ME??? Yeah they did me alright.
  18. In Half-life I got stuck in the area where you have to activate a rocket engine to fry the tentacle monster. In the big room with the turbine in it just never occurred to me to jump out into the room and let the turbine push me to the top. After running all over this area every day for about two weeks and bactracking repeatedly, finally out of frustration I jumped out into the open space fully expecting to die.

    This brought on my first true computer game "geek moment", sitting in my room laughing and yelling like a retard, pumping my fist in the air, and generally being just a bit too excited.
  19. muhahaha.... hate when that happens... dont think ive ever been that stuck on a game tho :)

    "Its only when you look at ants closely with a magnifying glass on a sunny day that you realise how often they burst into flames"
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