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I just get an Epson Profection 1250. This is the first scanner I get. I do not like the software come with it. I want a software that is easier to use and only need to do some simple edit. Please give me some suggestion on what software to get.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Could you be more specific on what the problem is with the software or even better, what you want the software to do? For example:

    OCR - I like Caere OmniPage Pro, but Text Bridge Pro works just as well.

    Graphics - depends on what you are scanning and what you want to do, edit, store, or just send through e-mail.

    Size of item to be scanned is important. Oversize, bigger than the scanning size of the scanner, requires special software usually.
  2. well try ulead photoshop ti's very easy but you can great pictures with it.
  3. For OCR: Caere OmniPage Pro 10 or ScanSoft TextBridge Pro Millennium Edition.

    For Graphics: Adobe PhotoShop Elements is amazing.

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