Recently Purchased Window 7 Pro, hope to do upgrade from XP pro soon (needed a clean install anyways).
Now, I am waiting for my XFX 5850 - unfortunately on back order right now.
I currently have an HIS HD 4850, and am wondering if it is worth doing the switch now (or soon anyways) and switching cards when i get the new one, or to wait (could be several weeks).
Finally, Dragon age comes out in a few days... I'd hate to download it (steam ~ 16gb I think) to play for two days then have to re download it.

Thanks in advance for any advice

If it makes any difference,
4GB G.Skill
500GB seagate
750W PC Power and Cooling
HIS HD 4850
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  1. You wont have to redownload it. Just make the switch to win7 now, and when the new card comes in all you will have to do is remove the old drivers, take out the old card, put in the new card, and install the new drivers.
  2. Thats pretty much what i wanted to hear - how easy is removing driver in windows 7?
    ive had some issues in the past with graphics drivers
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    In order:
    1.Download Driver Sweeper
    2.Uninstall the CCC
    3.boot into safe mode
    4. run driver sweeper to get rid of all the leftovers
    5. turn the pc off
    6. take the old card out and put the new card in
    7. boot into windows normally and install the drivers for the new card.

    I haven't used driver sweeper in windows 7, but i am going to assume that it still works. Might be worth googling just in case though.

    Good luck
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