Asus gate wont start

Two o/s 64 bit and 32 bit on HDs. I select one on start up after bios display. I assume Asus comes in before the Bios then will not start? Code error. Anyway around this?
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  1. Did you press the special button to open up Asus ExpressGate?

    Has ExpressGate ever worked?
  2. I also use two OS - 64 bit(windows 7) and 32 bit(windows XP) on the same HDs.
    First check ur options in bios that the Express gate is enabled.If it is enabled,but don't appear before boot menu, please reinstall Express gate in that partition(windows) which exist in first place (usally it is C drive).
  3. Don't install Asus ExpressGate in both OS.
  4. I have installed it in windows XP 32 bit.
    If ur problem still exist.Then should try to update ur bios.
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