Mouse wheel act really weird

I bought myself a Comfortmouse 4500 a while back. I was then running on windows XP. Everything was fine, but the scroll wheel wasnt working. No big deal, I just went on my way withouth using it.
Now, I build myself a new machine (MOBO is a M4A785-M, might come handy for troubleshooting) with a windows 7 OS.
My mouse now act realllly weird. The scroll wheel still doesnt work, BUT whenever I pull a menu/slider it will go all the way to the top realllly fast and get stuck there, as if my wheel was auto-scrolling up.
I did all I could but I cant find a good fix on the internet or by my own.
I cant play poker anymore since every time I get to bet it puts auto-all in haha.
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  1. Did you install Microsoft IntelliPoint 8? If not, do so...
  2. yes I did!
  3. i know this is a dumb reply but this mouse is what $8? why dont you just buy a new one?
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