Small Business Server 2011 (SBS) "Essentials"

I'm new to Tom's HArdware and would like to start a discussion about my beloved Small Business Server area. I wrote a bunch of books on past releases.

My quesiton is what is your knowledge/interest/excitement about the new "hybrid" version that is both premise-based and cloud-based. It is technically known as the "Essentials" SKU and they (MSFT) report is can support up to 25 users. I desagree and think it can support many many more because it will use Office 365 for its e-mail, etc.

I love BSing about SBS...tlka to me...harrybbbb

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  2. Regardless of what it is able to handle from a load perspective, if Microsoft builds in a 25 user limit (domain only allows 25 users to exist, limits number of domain members to 25) then there really isn't anything to disagree with as those are the limits. if Microsoft sets it that way to get around it you would have to violate the EULA and possibly hack the kernel.

    Often times Microsoft licensing limits are not about technical barriers. If you want to exceed the limits imposed by the "SBS Essentials" system, you have to buy a different license.
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