Dvd drive wont read windows 7 disk?

Hi there my girlfriend just got windows 7 ultimate from the US (we live in newzealand) we put in the disc and it wont load we cant get into the bios to see if its set to boot from dvd drive or not which was the 1st thing i tried. it says it recoginizes theres a keyboard and mouse connected but they wont do anything. This was a PC built from scratch that had a problem as part of the cpu wasnt connected to the motherboard which we got sorted. Now our copy of windows 7 wont load it came with a 32bit and 64bit disc and we've tried both but still nothing. I was thinking maybe drivers/firmware for the drive werent all set up so we tried to firmware disc and nothing happend. The dvd drive in the pc is a ASUS DRW-24B1LT. Can anyone help?
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  1. Put it into a already working computer, put the CD into that and see if anything comes up at all,,

    If you've ordered your disk over the internet make sure you've ordered it from a trustworthy source, like Microsoft.com, and not something like on ebay, otherwise your money have been phished out of you.
  2. Why cant you get into the bios? Is it locked? There is a way to set the bios to default settings if it is.

    Many bios' show a boot menu, usually it is F10 or F12 and you can pick a CD or other choices...

    Plug the DVD into another PC and open the ISO with 7-zip. See if there is anything there first...
  3. Hit the del key when you see the ASUS splash screen to get into the bios.
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