Computer won't load past BIOS!

E6400 2.1GHZ
ASUS P5LD2 motherboard

When I went to format Windows 7, everything was working. I went through the setup, and when it started the actual install, I disconnected the display, mouse, keyboard, and sound and connected them to my laptop to use while the desktop was formatting.

Problem is, when I swiched back to my desktop, it had a black screen. Upon resetting now, it refuses to go past the BIOS. I can't even get into the setup. So far I've opened up the case and removed the CMOS battery, thinking that the CMOS settings were causing a problem, but to no avail. Help! =(

PS: Was doing a clean format/install of Win 7 Ultimate. I can't get to the disc part either, so can't attempt to reinstall.
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  1. Have you tried re-seating your components and cables? (Ram, Video card, Sata cables, etc...)
  2. No but the BIOS shows that both the DVD/HD are detected, and I know the sounds it makes when the RAM isn't in properly (blows my ears out), and the Vid card is in properly cause I have a display...
  3. Yes, but you can still give it a shot. Sometimes the connector pins on RAM and add-on cards can lose connection just enough to cause an issue, but not enough to stop working completely. It will take all of 5 mins. If it works, awesome. If not, you eliminated a possible cause and I, or someone else on this forum, can continue to help.
  4. It's the HD. Running from an Ubuntu disk atm, hoping to reconnect HD and format it that way.
  5. Once I reconnect the HD, it won't go past BIOS, even when I have selected USB as the first boot priority...
  6. Can you go into BIOS setup? Surely your computer doesn't rely on the HD to get into the BIOS setup, otherwise its stupid for a manufacturer to do that !!

    Are you able run windows setup at all?
  7. The BIOS may be hanging while trying to ID a bad hard drive. I would suggest replacing that hard drive.
  8. Mcfart,

    Let me make it simple, Win 7 Ultimate, Hardware check, builds a list of drivers to install.
    I bet you never knew that windows does this, that it finds the video driver for the graphics card and from that it gives a report
    and the frequency range of the monitor connected to it.
    eg 1024*768 @ 60 hz, it has to build a table of refresh rates.
    So you restet the bios, then what happend is likely the HD was set up in AHCI mode and the bios defaulted to IDE.
    Plus it is likely as far as the keyboard and mouse they are both usb.
    So on resetting the bios detect usb legacy devices on start up is turned off.
    need a ps2 keyboard. It will be the case why you cannot enter the bios by pressing the delete key, F1 key, or F2.
  9. Try turning on the computer with everything disconnected except the monitor and the power
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