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where do i go and how much will it cost to upgrade to 64 bit win7 ultimate from 32 bit win7 ultimate? i got a new graphics card and has built in gig ram but does me no good since win7 32 only recognises 3 gig total system ram
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  1. Did you buy the computer that way or did you build it?

    If you can get a hold of a Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit disc, you can use the "upgrade" option during install then use your current Windows 7 Ultimate Key on the side of your computer. If you can't, you may have to shell out the 200 bucks for a Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade, which will come with a new license and 32/64 bit discs.
  2. A clean install is necessary. There is no "upgrade" path from 32 to 64 bit without it.
  3. You need a 64 bit copy of windows and use your current key. And you will need to reformat.
  4. My mistake, mis-read the question.
  5. pab1971, that is not correct.
    Your graphics card memory is on the card itself for frame buffer and textures.
    It does not form part of the 4gb Limit of 32bit Windows 7

    You might see 3 gigs in windows 7 32bit. That will not increase if you add a graphics card.
    Your graphics card memory will never show up as an extra Gig of system RAM in windows.

    There is no need to upgrade for this, the upgrade would improve things only if you have 4gb of RAM on the motherboard then you will see all 4gb of it. The graphics card will use all of its 1 GB of ram on 32bit windows 7 too and only for graphics (games) related work.

    PS: Your Windows 7 32bit keys work with 64bit also. You will have to find a matching edition of your windows 7 (E.g. if you have "Home edition" then you need Home edition 64 bit) and your key should work. Format and reinstall is necessary.
  6. There is no upgrade path, you must wipe and load.
    However you can scanstate/loadstate your previous settings over to the new OS.
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