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ok friends, im getting the wireless setup ive been wanting, BUT im reluctant because of the speeds im seeing associated with wireless.
Everything im reading is basically saying its nothing more than a 10 based T wireless interface. is this correct.

i am currently getting the Belkin 54g Wireless DSL/Cable Gateway Router. which can be seen at

now the reason i chose this one was for the 54g, the 802.11b backwards compatability, and the fact that it also has a built in WIRED switch for those systems not set up for wireless. which not all my systems are.
im was not too pleased with Belkins 4 port router, as it was , well how should i say, garbage! BUT Belkin Sales has bent over backwards to see that my Belkin experience is a positive one. And i commend them for that.
the downside to Belkin support is that i have not once spoken to a tech who had a nice clean english accent, i think they only hire middle eastern people for tech support, which is fine by me, but anyone who has spoken with middle eastern people know their accents can ge rather heavy, and hard to understand.

over all, its not about belkin mostly this post is about the 54g capabilities and speed and reliability.

forum members are users, users see real world numbers and experiences, thats why i want your opinions

If it aint broke don't fix it
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  1. come on people someone has to have some opinion, some forum user, someone at Tom's Hardware, if you know someone who has experienced the 54G Wireless, send them here, i would really love to see some opinions and user experiences before i make the purchase final.

    If it aint broke don't fix it
  2. Pre-standard draft 802.11g hardware is just that. pre-standard. If you buy all your .11g hardware from one manufacturer and do not add 802.11b devices into your wireless infrastructure you should be ok. Straight .11g draft equipment peaks at around 14-18 Mb. That would be a perfect environment with great SNR and solid signal strength. Firmware upgrades will raise the bandwidth bar over time but the thing to consider when purchasing 2.4 Ghz 54 Mb hardware right now is that there won't be a standard finalized and tested until late summer at the earliest. The chances are pretty good you'll be able to flash your firmware when the certification does get announced but I don't know that I would take a chance on it myself. However since I am in the wireless business and prefer my .11A gear over the crowded 2.4 hardware at the moment I am probably not the best person to be giving advice about consumer grade wireless equipment. There is risk involved. How much risk is debateable. Currently the major flaw of early adopter .11g stuff is when you introduce .11b clients using CCK modulation to associate to the AP. Beings the AP's to a crawl.
  3. I use a Linksys 11G product now...
    I have their AP, and PCI card.....
    Now the performance is pretty impressive, range is good...
    Since my wireless is connected to my router [which is sharing my cable connection] I did a bandwidth test on the internet, got the same speed as my wired PC...
    I would say the G is good for home or office networking..

    Keep in mind do NOT buy a 2.4Ghz cordless phone unless you want headaces..
    unfortunately my experience with 11a didn't go to well, the range sucks, so I had to goto the G, which doesn't like my 2.4Ghz phone...

    it's still new to me, I've tried some new settings that seem to help keep a connection while the phone is in use, we'll see....


    P3-700@933|G400DH|Asus P2B Rev.1.10 /w MSI slocket|128Mb PC100|SB PCI64|20Gb IBM 75GXP
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