How can I reset my dialup password? (please read)

When I recently installed Win 2K, I entered in the wrong password for my ISP, and asked it to save. When I tried to log on, it said Invalid password. So I deleted the password and entered and saved the correct one. Now when I try to logon, the password is twice as long as it's supposed to be (can't see what's entered of course because it looks like ************).

I have tried to delete it when dialing up, and by going into the settings for my ISP in dial up networking.

How can I freshly delete, enter a new one and be done with this?

Thanks, Troy

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  1. it's that long to hide any information that comes from the number of letters. mine was 4 letters and it showed like 10 *. Don't worry.

  2. he is right is simply designed that way so keep your password a secret
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