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Hi, just this weekend installed Windows 7 and right from the start couldn't cope with my Geforce 7600gt card. Lots of screen artifacts etc. It is an agp card, previously working fine. Have tried many driver versions with no luck at all, some times the system after an attempt, reports the card as standard VGA.

Is there any way for this card to work with win7, or am I just wasting my time ??


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  1. http://us.download.nvidia.com/Windows/190.62/190.62_desktop_win7_winvista_32bit_english_whql.exe

    Should support your model

    Also try reseating your graphics card, as it might have moved during reinstallation from the excessive heat generated by the CPU caused by running the screen without drivers
  2. Thanks Edmund, I reseated the card a couple of times as I even tried with an earlier 6600GT, with the same results. Like the tip about the extra heat though.........

    I have now got a 95 % solution, (I think), in that I installed a very old driver set and on a whim ran Window 7's Aero troubleshooter, which turned off a couple of things, (not sure what). Now i get a distorted screen at the login point and if windows asks me a system type question. As soon as I have dealt with the question, I get a normal screen back.

    So all in all, something to do with aero and older Nvidia cards I think. Can see a new card in my future !!

    Of course if anybody can nail the issue completely, I would love to hear,


  3. Water damage maybe?

    I've seen a laptop whose owner accidentally put a water bottle in the same bag and it blew up, wetting the laptop and the bag and everything.

    The laptop still worked, screen was OK. But when that person put the mouse on the bottom of the screen to click on a taskbar, the screen distorts

    Try using another monitor or another GPU. Or use another cable, if stil no avail, use another interface (if you're using VGA and the monitor got DVI and you got a DVI out, try using DVI)
  4. I've tried 2 Nvidia cards and 2 monitors, my current card doesn't have vga. It's usable at present, only time the screen breaks up is when windows asks me one of those permission questions, and at the login screen.

    Would like to get it fully fixed, but at least now I can funtion. Windows 7 wasn't the piece of cake install I expected.

  5. Press ALT+Y to select the yes button if the screen becomes blank. ALT+N for no

    and try replacing or changing your PSU
  6. My 6600GT (AGP) works just fine in Win7, but I've found that using older drivers help tremendously. The newer drivers (basically anything above 195.62) don't work very well for me, and I ended up having assorted problems from just being slower to not working at all, so I would definitely recommend trying older driver versions to see what happens.
  7. edmond419.

    Thanks for the hotkey tips, I didn't think of that as I could see enough (through the distortion) to see which button was which. Actually I found the slider in account settings that enables me to "not dim the screen", when I am being asked for permission. So now the only place I see it is at the login screen. Although I haven't played any high end games yet.

    The psu question had crossed my mind in searching for this answer, but it was giving me zero problems before. Also I'm pretty sure I went with a pretty grunty one a couple of years back. Curious, is there a software way to tell what your psu is ?


    Thanks for that, I originally got things rolling with an older driver version, although I'm now running the latest as turning off some of the Aero stuff seems to have done the trick mostly. Not sure how the games will go, and switching drivers around was a real pain for a while as Win7 either didn't allow it, or at times only recognised the card as a standard vga adaptor, thus not allowing the drivers to recognise it.

    Must admit after running Win2K for years, I am disappointed with Win7 so far as far as setting up goes. From deleted or invisible restore points, to a rescue disc creation utility that doesn't work, (I found the iso on line), to not recognising properly a very common graphics card................
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