Win2k print server, wierd printing problems

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Here's the environment:
Win2k (standard)server as a print server (also file server and DC)
HP laserjetplus4 printer with external netgear ps101
HP Colorlaserjet 4500 with an external jetdirect 170x
HP laserjet 3380 with external jetdirect 175x
HP laserjet4 with external jetdirect 170x
HP laserjet 4200 with internal jetdirect 615n card

Network printing has been working fine through the print server to the
various external print server boxes to the printers. Suddenly, this
week, print jobs sent to the printers would either not print, or would
print in a "crazyquilt" that is, not missing some lines or blocks of
lines but like a patchwork quilt pattern on the page. Some prints
from excel worksheets would print some cells and not others. The
excel weirdness appeared to print only those cells formatted a certain

Performance on the DC appears well within the resources available, no
spikes in CPU cycles, no excessive paging or other resource
bottlenecks or anything to indicate the server might be overtaxed by
taking on both DC and printserver work.

A reset of the printers, external print server boxes and ultimately,
the DC/server acting as a print server did not resolve the problem.

As a temporary fix, we set the client PCs to point directly to the
various print server devices, but ultimately we want this back to a
server function utilzing active directory.

There is another W2k member server that can be made a print server,
and we're considering moving to it for the print server role, but
still need to understand what is going on on the current setup.

any ideas?
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  1. Archived from groups: comp.periphs.printers (More info?)

    On 1 Jul 2004 08:03:06 -0700, (D-L) wrote:

    >any ideas?

    My first thought is to enquire whether there has been any recent
    installation of a service pack, hotfix, or other update to the OS and
    whether the drivers have been changed and/or are up-to-date.


    veni, vidi, reliqui
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