Windows 7 Not Utilizing Internet Connection

Just bought a brand new Acer Laptop - very happy with the purchase up to this moment.

Was surfing reading the economist this morning - when all of a sudden - my connection had that "!" in the yellow triangle on it.

After that - the Network Icon on a mouse over would either read - "No Internet Access" or "Limited Access".... yet the router is working perfectly, I am posting from it right now - double checked it with my BB Wifi - and no problems.

The Laptop is usually Hard lined with an Ethernet cable right into the router... Tried running it both connected via Cable and Via Wifi - same issue...

Also ran "troubleshooter" and "fix problem" feature of Windows 7 - both to no avail.... not sure what next steps to take and how to get her back online and utilizing the network that works perfectly - even tried resetting the router....

Any advice / solutions are very much appreciated.


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  1. Try a system restore back to a time that the internet worked.
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