Computer wont boot after 7 upgrade

I just installed windows 7 upgrade from vista and system won't boot. I can start in safe mode. Startup repair "cannot repair this computer automatically".I ran all of the troubleshooters and it seems hardly any of the services are running and the computer can't start the service. Windows explorer can't start. . . . any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. If you can't revert, pop in a new hard drive if you have one and back up your data... wipe the drive out and do a clean install. When the upgrades mess up, there is no way to get them working again so far as I know.
  2. Sounds like a huge failure. Only way to go is start over again, but do a clean install. Boot from media format the drive via custom install. Hopefully nothing valuable is on the drive, if so you coudl put the drive in another computer as a slave, or secondary drive grab the data off and do it that way.

    It gets complicated from there.
  3. You should really never do a upgrade. Most of the time they never work. Plus your computer will run alot better if you format your drive and do a clean install with the upgrade disk. I have been using window since 3.1 and it has never ever worked. Just my 2 cents worth.
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