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The way pages load here at Tom's when I'm using fire fox is absolutely maddening .

The problem lies with the far right column that contains "forum categories" and the "TG's lowest price store ad". What happens, with me at least, is the forum part of the page will load and then the right column loads afterwards causing the forum part of the page to readjust its width.

You and silver are the programming gurus so please tell me, can't you cause the ad in forum categories to load immediately and be swiped in? You know, sort of like the way you can cause photographs to load at first with low resolution and then increase to full resolution.
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  1. Hi russel,

    I see what you are saying, but it is maybe a 1/2 second lag, and I personally never noticed it before.

    These ads are called via javascript, so they cannot be loaded into the page and rendered together with the rest of the html content. Google ads work the same way.

    Sorry 8O :?
  2. Mornin Steve,

    Thanks for the reply. Oh well. I had hoped it would be possible. My browser must be setup differently. I have a quick load of the forum part and then about twice as long to load the ad and the forum categories on the right.

    I didn't just complain right away. First I did my best to ad block the stores ad and even asked for help on the "other" to do so.

    Back to manipulating Firefox again.

    Thanks again for your answer.

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