ISAPNP Read Data Port Error

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I have an IBM ThinkPad with Intel 855PM chipset. I recently formatted my hard
dosk and reinstalled Win XP SP2.

After installation, I installed the Intel Chipset dirvers supplied by IBM
(Ver 4.0.29). I then noticed an exclamation mark against the entry "ISAPNP
Read Data Port". In the device status it reads " This device cannot start
(Code 10).". I checked the driver and it reads:

Driver Provider: Microsoft
Driver Date: 7/1/2001
Drivre Version: 5.1.2600.2180
digital Signer: Microsoft Windows Publisher

In the Device Resources, it says that the device is not using any resources
because there is a problem. When I click on the "Set Configuration Manually",
button, in the Resource Settings window, the following appear with a red
slash in a circle against them:
Resource Type Setting
I/O range 0A79-0A79
I/O Range 0279-0279

When I clicked on the "Update Driver" button, XP searches the web but return
with a reply "Driver not found. Hardwarre cannot be installed". Since this
device was located on the Intel 82801DB LPC Interface Controller, I
downloaded the latest Intel chipset drivers from the Intel website (Version The problem still persists.

Can anyone help me resolve this? I am sorry for the lengthy post, but I
thought it best to include as much detail as possible. There are no problems
on my computer because of this issue, but I just want things to be perfect.


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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware (More info?)

    As I mentioned, I have downlaoded all the relevant IBM drives, for both Intel
    Chipset and the other software/hardware from the IBM website. Only when it
    didn't work did I downlaod the drivers from Intel.

    If someone can let me know which particular hardware (example modem,
    grpahics, memeory) could be cuasing this problem, I can then try installing
    new software for that piece of hardware....


  2. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware (More info?)

    Hi Carey

    Checked the BIOS settings...modem is not present in my BIOS..but "Wake up on
    Dial" option was diabled. So I enabled it....

    Checked the link you have provided and followed it....

    there are some files which were not verified, but from their location i
    could deduce that they are IBM's propertiary software for hard disk

    Howevr, the setupapi.log has the follwoing entry:

    [SetupAPI Log]
    OS Version = 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2
    Platform ID = 2 (NT)
    Service Pack = 2.0
    Suite = 0x0100
    Product Type = 1
    Architecture = x86
    [2005/02/25 15:39:30 508.239 Driver Install]
    #-019 Searching for hardware ID(s):
    #-018 Searching for compatible ID(s):
    #-198 Command line processed: "C:\WINDOWS\system32\mmc.exe"
    C:\WINDOWS\system32\devmgmt.msc /s
    #I063 Selected driver installs from section [E101E.ndi] in
    #I320 Class GUID of device remains: {4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}.
    #I060 Set selected driver.
    [2005/02/25 16:41:08 2364.232]
    #-198 Command line processed: "C:\WINDOWS\system32\mmc.exe"
    C:\WINDOWS\system32\devmgmt.msc /s
    #I060 Set selected driver.
    #-019 Searching for hardware ID(s): isapnp\readdataport
    #I393 Modified INF cache "C:\WINDOWS\inf\INFCACHE.1".
    #I022 Found "ISAPNP\ReadDataPort" in C:\WINDOWS\inf\machine.inf; Device:
    "ISAPNP Read Data Port"; Driver: "ISAPNP Read Data Port"; Provider:
    "Microsoft"; Mfg: "(Standard system devices)"; Section name: "NO_DRV".
    #I023 Actual install section: [NO_DRV]. Rank: 0x00000000. Effective driver
    date: 07/01/2001.
    #-166 Device install function: DIF_SELECTBESTCOMPATDRV.
    #I063 Selected driver installs from section [NO_DRV] in
    #I320 Class GUID of device remains: {4D36E97D-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}.
    #I060 Set selected driver.
    #I058 Selected best compatible driver.
    #I060 Set selected driver.

    This entry is repeated 6 times in the setupapi.log file.

    I have the latest modem drivers supplied by IBM installed on my machine.

    Is this of any help in deducing the source of the conflict?

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