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So I've got this speedstream 4 port router and when I try to host in on warcraft 3 the only people who can join are those on my side of the router. I've tried setting in and out for tcp and udp for warcraft's ports, but that doesn't work. Anyone know of a fix for this router, or of one that will work with multiple persons on both sides of the router. (refering to my small LAN on one side and anyone else in the world on on the other)?
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  1. sounds like you need to have each of your friends choose a different port to go out to the internet on. you will have to host the game on the default port 6112 and have your friends use the ports after that (6113, 6114, etc). The option to change the port is in war3 somewhere...
  2. Can you host on without others on your home lan joining? If so, is everyone on you home lan using a unique cd-key? I'm not sure of how blizzard and view multiple players from 1 ip with the host on the same ip, but if all the cd-keys are not unique I doubt they would allow that to work. When I get home tonight I'll try what you are attempting and follow up on this post if i find anything helpful.

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