Netgear WPN311 108Mbps driver for Windows 7 x64

Does anybody know of an existing WLAN driver that will allow this particular card (Netgear WPN311) to receive @ 108Mbps using Windows 7 x64?

Netgear does not support Windows 7 x64 @ 108Mbps only 54Mbps and there are numerous drivers out there that will allow it to receive @ 54Mbps and function fine but I can't seem to locate one that will allow it to receive @ 108Mbps.

I am using the Netgear WPN511 in a laptop running XP SP3 and it receives @ 108Mpbs.

If anyone does know of a driver that does exist, I would respectfully appreciate any information guiding me to where I could acquire such a beast!

FYI, my router is a Netgear WPN824NA.
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  1. looks like the WLAN card does not support this as you have posted, get a new WLAN card problem fixed.

    You cant put a square peg into a round hole, well unless you have a big hammer ;)
  2. Maybe your AP doesnt support it?
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