How to install new HDD and Win 7 HP 64 bit. Old guy needs advice

How to install new hard drive and Win 7 HP 64

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Since it’s going to be a while before a new Sandy Bridge build for me, I’m adding more RAM, a new bigger, faster WD Black HDD and Windows 7 HP 64 bit to my old AMD socket 939 build.

I’d appreciate some instructions, info and advice from all you young hot shots about how to change over to the new HDD and Windows 7HP 64.

First I assume I should back up my old WD Caviar SE 16 WD2500K HDD which is only about 250 GB and I’ve only filled up about 35 gigs at most. I have an external WD HD Elements 120 GB WDBAAR 120ABK with a usb cable.

After I back the old drive up, should I disconnect it?

Then I install and connect the new HD?

Then install W7 HP 64 bit on the new drive?

I think I can install my financial trading software programs direct from the sites. Should I also download IE 9 from the MS site? I still like IE 7 because of the way the favorites work.

How do I transfer various data from the old HDD or external HDD without getting all the junk and trash that I don’t like or want?

Should I keep my old HDD as a backup on the system? Do I have to do a Raid setup to do that? Is that hard to do or not advised with 2 different versions and sizes of HDD’s? Or should I or would it just be easier to back up with my little external HDD? I obviously don’t have a lot of data.

Is it worth it to use one of the programs like LapLink? Do they really work or make things easier?

How many other things am I missing here? What else should I know before I leap? Please inform me or wise me up.

I’d appreciate any and all help or suggestions. I don't even know if I'm asking the right questions here.

Thanks all.
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    This is how I would do it:

    1) Download Windows 7 64bit drivers. Check your motherboard manufacturer's website for updated drivers. Make sure you can upgrade to Windows 7 64bit before going to the next step. Download the ethernet driver at a bare minimum.
    2)Are the old and new hard drive interfaces the same? (IDE, SATA)
    3) Copy those drivers to your USB hard drive ( Just in case Win7 dosen't have your ethernet driver and you can't get online to get the drivers)
    4) Power down and disconnect the old hard drive, do not remove it. (No need to back up in my opinion, as it will be reconnected later)
    5) Install/connect the new hard drive. (leaving the old one still disconnected)
    6) Install Windows 7 on the new drive. I would partition the hard drive during the install process, Read about that here:
    7) Once Windows is installed and running (ie. basic drivers installed and working) power down and reconnect the old hard drive.
    8) If your computer boots back up from your old hard drive, you will have to play with some settings in your BIOS, to select the boot order of the hard drives. Here is some basic info about changing boot order, although yours will probably look alot different, the basic premise is the same.
    9) Restart your computer and it should boot into Win7
    10) In My computer, you should be able to see your old hard drive with all your old files on it. Take what you want/need off there. You might have to deal with ownership rights of folders. Read about that here:
    11) Once everything you want is copied off that hard drive to the new one, you can format that old hard drive if you want. (Right click the hard drive in My computer, and click format) It will clean out everything on the old hard drive. (I dont know if for sure thats possible, I have never tried to format a drive with an OS on it from within Windows) Now you can either leave that extra hard drive in there, no raiding needed, or use it as a paperweight. Lol
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  3. Wow, am I impressed. Thank you very much for your knowledge and time. Very generous.
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