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i have Asus M4A785TD-V Evo MB, but it has a strange problem. Lan keeps dissconecting. I happens when i run any game. it doesnt matter if it uses internet or not. The Lan gets the no conectivity symbol. then i have to disable/enable the lan to get it working again. I have tried reinstalling the drivers, updating the bios and anything else i could think of. Does anyone have any ideas on this?

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    The onboard NIC could be faulty. You could try getting a cheap 100mb add-on NIC to verify. Can't imagine it would be more than a few bucks. Have you tried resetting the TCP/IP stack? Perhaps there's some corruption there. You can find instructions for that process by googling. Lastly, if it comes down to software I would rebuild the OS.
  2. Reseting the TCP/IP stack didnt help. I have tried another lan card, a few actually, but they wouldnt work at all! the pc recognizes them, but none of them showed any life when connected. weird. I guess that means two scary options: either return the MB for testing or reinstall windows... neither of which are acceptable...
  3. Have you swapped out your cable and tried a different, known good, port on your router?
  4. Yes. tried. the other computer with the same MB on the same router works fine. tried swaping ports, even changing mac adresses. still the same problem so it has to be the computer.
  5. The same mb, meaning the same physical board or just the same model? If the same physical board rebuild your OS. Unfortunately, that's my answer for many issues.
  6. the same model. i feel that i cant avoid rebuilding the os.... i just dont really want to do that. you know how reinstaling windows is troubling.
  7. Yah, it can be. More time-consuming than anything else. If I had to do it really often at home I would make a tier 2 image with all my basic apps already installed, but I haven't had to do it too often recently and I'm too lazy, I guess. Also, in some weird way I enjoy the process of starting from scratch and installing all the latest drivers and apps.

    Anyway, try the rebuild and let me know how it goes. All else fails, see if you can RMA your board.
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