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Hi guys, I'm planning on reinstalling my windows 8 OS tonight (had numerous issues with the first install, and after installing it the second time nothing has gone wrong yet but I'm very weary and cautious so I figure I should reinstall a third time just to get everything 100% safe and right), and just to keep it as virus proof as possible I was reading up on what AV is best for windows 8. One very high ranking member said that he personally thought that Windows Defender was very good, so I figure I would use that. Right now my system says it has been turned off though, and I can't find the feature in the control panel under "Turn windows features on or off" for windows defender, so is this something that I have to turn on when installing the OS? Also does anyone disagree that windows defender is the best AV for windows 8 and recommend another? Furthermore, do you think it is a good idea to download the malwarebytes and spybots s&d softwares onto a dvd and then install those after installing my OS offline just to make it as safe as possible before connecting to the internet? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Microsoft security essentials is decent. it is not windows defender. You have to download it. There is no reason to reinstall windows. You are worrying about nothing
  2. Hi :)

    I use Norton 2013 Internet Security on my 8 machine, and that IS the best ...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Brett928S2 said:
    Hi :)

    I use Norton 2013 Internet Security on my 8 machine, and that IS the best ...

    All the best Brett :)

    Well, I'm personally looking for a free AV, thanks for the suggestion though.
  4. unksol said:
    Microsoft security essentials is decent. it is not windows defender. You have to download it. There is no reason to reinstall windows. You are worrying about nothing

    Well, on my first install I thought I had everything 100% perfect and pristine. I had Avast free AV, Spybots, and malwarebytes installed first thing after installing the OS (though downloaded them unprotected on the internet, until getting Avast set up). I had very few downloads/programs, all of them being very well known, trusted, and scanned. I ran full system scans and regular scans regularly, never visited any inappropriate or untrusted websites (very few in fact, mostly pandora, twitch, and youtube), and just generally was EXTREMELY careful. After about only a week of running a couple games I experienced extreme lag, tried to get answers on these forums, and tried everything to no avail. Things got worse, my system started freezing/lagging doing the easiest of tasks that I have done for a year in the past on windows 7. My headset has a short in it, but on my first install it almost NEVER worked. Long story short I ran all my AV's etc. and found nothing, computer completely froze while doing a simple task, and I said "I'm done". So I reinstalled, but I feel vulnerable already. I did everything pretty much the same as the first install, except I was alerted that a trojan horse was blocked by Avast while searching google images for a black background for my desktop. After my previous experience, you can only imagine how I feel when I saw that. Furthermore, I feel like I need padlocks all over this computer before even connecting to the internet after installing the OS, just to make sure nothing happens to it.
  5. Yes downloading malwarebytes antimalware would be the best thing you do
  6. If you want to get really hardcore about it you can download a utility to make a custom installation disc that will install the A/V solution of your choice, get updates and scan after the OS installation is complete so you have up to date A/V protection from t=0.
  7. I would first relax a bit, your system could have lagged/froze up from something else. Second, i'd verify that any programs you are installing works with Windows 8. Any number of programs could be a problem if it wasn't designed with Windows 8.

    Majestic1805 has the right idea with the installation disc. I generally keep a folder on a hard drive with all the software i like to install on a new system. If your concerned about your system safety, do all MS's updates first along with just the A/V of your choice. You generally don't want to go to too many websites without having all of MS's updates and MS's security essentials & Windows Defender updated to the latest version (it would be nice if MS's updates could be downloaded all at once so you can kill the internet connection during the installations). Then before you jump too far into getting everything where you want it, get a system image done (i only have Acronis, so i'm only familiar with that) which then it would be easier to back it up then it is to reinstall windows all over again.

    If it helps to, remove your wireless router to just have a solid connection between your internet service & the computer your working on. The only sites you should be visiting during your initial installations (if you don't have a second PC) is the antivirus site. I don't visit google, facebook or any other site until every update is finished. Even with Adobe i don't visit anything until that has been checked for an update. You will encounter times where your A/V will alert you of a possible threat i'd be more worried if it wasn't telling me of any threats, especially with the amount of viruses out there i'd expect to see a few when googling something. I also remove internet junk files (using CCleaner) all the time including cookies, it's best to do it before shutting your computer off or your done with using the PC for the day. It helps makes my PC cleaner & it helps me to think that my system is clean from any bugs. Along with doing A/V / malware scans in safe mode once a month at least.
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