Ok guys so i just finished by new build based on a asus p5n-d running windows 7 home premium 64bit. When i select either hibernate or sleep mode the screen turns off yet my system fans are still running, and within a few seconds the fans rev up a bit and then the system starts up again on its own. I have no idea whats wrong. Any input is helpful. Thank you

ps: i remember changing the keyboard wake up jumper if that has an effect
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  1. Make sure the system does not have wake on LAN enabled.
  2. Make sure you have ACPI Suspend Type (Sleep Setting) set to support S3 in your BIOS.
  3. I agree with Hex. Double check your bios.
  4. Duh? You still need a bios to handle hibernate however, and have it turned on in there which is what Dex was trying to say. If your ACPI setting is different, you won't enter hibernate. It used to be way be when that not every bios supported this, but that all do now afaik.

  5. Im going to check the ACPI and get back to you guys. Thanks
  6. HeXrays said:
    Make sure you have ACPI Suspend Type (Sleep Setting) set to support S3 in your BIOS.

    I set to S3 an now when i click hiberate it does the same thing except the entire computer restarts. And when i press sleep it sleeps but all the fans are still on
  7. Bios update? Shot in the dark, try going into the power scheme in windows and turn it always on. Shutdown/restart and then go back and enable sleep. Perhaps something got bugged and needs to be reset? If you've enabled it in windows and your bios, it should work.
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