MSI RS480: Acceptable onboard sound anybody?

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Dear all,
did anybody get acceptable sound quality from the AC97 component of
the MSI RS480? Meanwhile I have two boards of this type. Both work
quite good, but the sound quality is really horrible. There are
constant cracks and distortures if playing any type of audio file.
Used the updated sound drivers from the MSI Website and the newer ones
from Realtek without any difference. Of course, the device manager
shows no problem at all, and all other components have the drivers
from the msi site applied (ATI-Chipset, LAN). I use XP prof. SP2 plus
all hotfixes.

Thanks in advance
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    That is a problem with onboard sound because it uses the CPU to render
    the sound.
    The CPU is doing other things and has to do the sound at the same
    time. Even a cheap sound card is better than that for sound intensive
    programs. On board sound is for surfing the net or somethind less
    intensive. I have an AOPEN $25 card that works quite well.
  2. Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.msi-microstar (More info?)

    I have the same board, and the audio does exactly the same thing. I'm
    thinking of getting a $25 Chaintech to replace it. Shrill or sudden
    sounds (explosions in games, etc.) cause the crackle.
  3. hi no eexprt had same prob .. been inside case right before this started??
    try connections from front panel to mobo(down by bottom card slot at back of case> sometimes connectors are a little loose solved my prblm . hope
    that does it or else >sound card< (ps use something non conductive>
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