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hi i've just started using a new comp and cant login to the forums. im using my laptop at the moment. i do use zone alarm security suite but it works fine on my laptop. ive tried to replicate the settings on new comp but it says i need to activate cookies. ive allowed them to be used for THG but it still wont allow me to login.
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  1. Almost all these problems relate to zonealarm and the like. Just turn it off for a moment, and see if you can log in. Maybe you have to put in the specific domain vs.
  2. thx for the reply, i might just have to switch it off and rely on the windows firewall, however it is not a long term solution and does not explain why it works on one computer and not another.

    i also tried adding the address to my trusted site list to no affect.

    right ive fixed it. instead of turning zone alarm off i just enabled windows firewall aswell and managed to logon. a strange problem. maybe THG's website doesn't recognise my settings when zone alarm is the only firewall.
  3. Weird solution, but glad it works :D

    You mentioned which you added to trusted sites. Hope that is a type, otherwise try
  4. ye it was a mistake and i am also confused about weather it is a IE problem or specific to THG forumz as i have been able to enable cookies for other websites and use them as normal.
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