Lexmark X4550 Drivers won't install

I am having a nightmare trying to install my Lexmark x4550 on my new Windows 7 laptop. I have installed and uninstalled drivers so many times and tried so many different things and yet when I plug in the USB to do the wireless configuration it says everything okay except "no drivers found"! Has anyone had the same problem and managed to sort it? Please help...I am at the end of my tether with this one, especially as I just bought new ink!
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  1. Hi Kate,

    I had a similar problem lately with a Lexmark X7675. It may be there are other wireless devices on your network and a possible IP conflict. I'm not positive this is the problem but it's the only thing I could come up with.
    I resolved mine by again, completely removing the printer and associated drivers. Power down all your network devices, wait a minute and restart them.
    Next use you printers installation CD and start the installation from scratch.
    Hope this helps.
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