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Have recently updated my pc to windows 7 from windows vista home basic. Have windows 7 bootable from my dvd ran the upgrade and everything seemed fine. As soon as the installation had finished my pc restarted now i'm the error message "verifiying DMI data pool ........"
Then pc just hangs.

I try using different hard drive, ram, and unplug all the pci and cd drive,reset cmos and it still wouldnt work.

and my computer is a acer aspire m1100. Thanks
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  1. may not have installed correctly, did you reformat before you installed or was it an upgrade?
  2. I know this is a really late reply, but it seems that this is happening with many other people. x86 or x64, a fresh install of Windows 7 on these machines will always result in this happening ... and only Windows 7. If there's a BIOS that solves this problem, or something like that, that would definitely help.
  3. I got exactly the same problem om a ACER aspire.
    I have tried reinstalling WIN7 severaltimes, after deletting the partitions on HD. Formatting the HD, but hangs same place.
    But then I installed on same HD, but on another PC and then WIN7 started, on this PC. But when moving the HD to the ACER - same problem.
    Then I tried to repair the MBR with EasyDCD, but same problem...
    I think it has something to do with the BIOS. But since I cannot start windows I cannot flash the BIOS :-(
  4. same problem... did anybody try to flash BIOS from XP ore Vista, and then install win 7? what kind of BIOS update will let to install Win7???
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