K8N Neo4 Platinum won't boot from "SCSI"

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my K8N Neo4 with Bios 1.5 won't successfully boot from my 3Ware 7500-12.
Boot sequence was adjusted to boot from HardDisk only, HardDisk was set to
the 3Ware controller, but XP won't boot from the device. I also tested to
disable any other devices (SATA-RAID, etc.) on the board.
The installation of the OS is ok (partition set to active). The only way to
boot the OS is to adjust the boot sequence to CD before Harddisk and boot
from the XP installation cd. When I don't press any key (to boot any further
from the cd) he boots the OS from the 3Ware without a problem. So I think
this is a bios issue.

Please help!

Steffen Bruns
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  1. This is exactly the same problem I have. Did you ever resolve it?
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