I have been useing Diskeeper to defrag my hard drive. In the last 4 days I have defraged it 4 times. After it defrags I get the report, the report reads as this.

Findings on C:

Diskeeper has completed a defragmentation run on this volume and there remain 5 fragmented files and 2386 excess file fragments. (There were 2634 excess file fragments before the defragmentation run, and now there are 9% less.)

The average number of fragments per file is 1.05.

This volume is moderately fragmented, with 10% of the total volume space available for defragmentation. This level of free space is so low that performance is suffering from that fact alone. Indeed, fragmentation is the least of your worries under these conditions. Clear some files off this volume to achieve a minimum of 20% free space for acceptable performance.

Since the number of excess fragments changed by only 9% on the last defragmentation run, there is a good possibility that Diskeeper has done the best it can do with this volume at this time. You should schedule Diskeeper to run considerably more often than it has been running to reduce the current fragmentation and maintain a lower level of fragmentation

Could someone explain what this means. I have 1.5 gig left on my hard drive so I don't understand what it is saying.


In my temp folder I have 65 megs worth of files. What files can I deleat, I have tried to deleat the tep files but in some cases the system won't let me, it says they are shared files, there are also set uo exe's in there can they be deleated??.


Once I have installed a program and it is now installed in Program files can the original exe on C drive be deleated or is this still nessissary to run the program


Regards Joe

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  1. Firstly, I'd go to your control panel and select the Add/Remove Programs icon. This will list all the programs that have been installed on your computer. See what you have and decide what you can lose (go on you can do it). Make a list of the programs you deleted. Go to windows explorer and find the places where the programs were installed. Sometimes the uninstall doesn't delete the entire folder contents. Delete the remains if any. Delete all icons/menu shirtcuts to these programs.

    On the find files/folders program, tell it to search and find " *.tmp " and tell it to look in C: (or your main drive).

    delete any files you find which are definetly crap e.g. 0k or 1k files, files called 00342132.tmp etc.

    Run the disk cleanup and get it to delete all your recycled stuff, temp internet files etc, temp files (if any).

    Run scandisk (standard scan) and click on the advanced tab. Make sure in the "cross-linked files" box the option "delete" is checked.
    In the "Lost file fragments" box set the option to "free".

    Finally go to Defrag. In the settings tab, make sure neither of the options are selected. Run and see what happens.

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  2. Any defrag application needs a lot of free space to shuffle files around, diskeeper is complaining that it doesn't have enough.

    You should be able to delete everything from the temp directory, apart from files which a running process is storing there.

    You can delete any setup .exe file after the program has been installed, just bear in mind that someday, if you format the drive, you will need to re-install.
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