Whats the benifits of windows 7

what's the benifits of windows 7 compared than previous verisions?
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  1. i bought a windows 7 laptop yesterday and i love it it loads faster as not all programs are turned on at the start like vista used to turn everything on even bluetooth well 7 puts them on if you need them like it turns on and connects to internet straight away and then you turn on what you need by touch srean on mine ! also you cam make the page half sized and run another program next to it like you have word and internet open side by side and can cloick between them and not disturb the other as on vista you had one go as a small tab at bottam this just leaves it where it is
    also the bottam tabs dont get clutterd as they pile ontop of one another like if you have 4 diferent internet pages open they just all go into a simbol on the internet button and if you hover over you can chouse which one you want to go to !! also it has a shake screan if you click on the tab and wiggle the mouse then the rest of the scren clears !!!
    all in all its fab !!!
  2. LOTS. Love the taskbar and the responsiveness. It's a truly modern O.S. and a delight to use.
    Install it and see it by yourself.
  3. I played with a theme that was supposed to make Vista look more like 7. Personally I kind of like the stock Vista. But 7 from what I've read is basically Vista tweaked. A friend I talked to who was using 7 said if you have Vista 64, there wasn't really a reason to upgrade because you didn't gain that much. If you have Vista 64, look online for Vista speed tweaks, some of those tips seemed to speed my system a little. But I'd say it's worth it if you got it with a free upgrade. I know one major thing is it's supposed to be quicker, personally though I think if you are going to run Vista or 7, you should be using something quicker anyway, so may not be as of a deal more most readers here.
  4. Think of it as Vista SP3 .... and remember the IT worker's mantra ....everything outta Redmond before SP3 is a beta !
  5. JackNaylorPE = you have the right idea = GO REDMOND!
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